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5K Publishing Paydays Review

5K Publishing Paydays Review: Not As Good As It Seems?

Find out in this 5K Publishing Paydays review whether you can actually make $5,000 a month within 27 days of work.

I personally like Brendan Mace, but will his training live up to the expectations it creates?

5K Publishing Paydays Review5K Publishing Paydays Review

Product: 5K Publishing Paydays

Creator: Brendan Mace


Price: $8.95 + Up-sells

Verdict: Look Elsewhere

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What Is 5K Publishing Paydays?

5K Publishing Paydays is a training course created by Brendan Mace that walks you through the steps of creating and publishing eBooks on the Kindle platform.

Will this program actually work, and will it actually help you make $5,000 a month within 27 days?

What It Includes

When you purchase the program you will receive:

  • Step-By-Step Training Videos
  • Kindle Case Study
  • Secret Kindle Strategy
  • FB Group for Kindle Mastermind

Pros and Cons

Let’s jump into the good and bad things about this program.


  • You can make money
  • The training is good


  • It will take A LOT longer than what they claim
  • Kindle Publishing is saturated and hard to break into
  • It takes A LOT of work
  • A LOT of Up-sells

The Up-sells

Here’s one of the major problems I have with this training. Once you purchase the program you will be hit with a bunch of much more expensive item offers.

Some people may find the up-sells helpful and want to purchase them. Just keep in mind that it would be super easy to spend hundreds of extra dollars.

In this case you could even spend an extra grand!

My Personal Thoughts

As I said before, I personally like Brendan Mace. I found his YouTube channel a few years back, and watched through many of his videos.

He creates high quality training videos with a bunch of helpful information, and that goes for $5k Publishing Paydays.

However, it’s not the training that is the problem with this product.

The Kindle Publishing route is a very saturated one that is now very difficult to break into.

I looked into getting into it several years ago and learned so much about it, but I eventually decided that I could better spend my time doing something else.

There is a lot of planning, research, creation, outsourcing and much more that goes into creating a Kindle Book.

And at the end of the day you could release you book and not make very much money.

In my opinion Kindle Publishing is a great way to make money online, however at this point in time I do not think it is something that beginners should get into.

Especially if you want to minimize the amount of time and risk it involves.

I believe Brendan is greatly understating the amount of time and effort something like this takes.

You will not make $5,000 a month after 27 days, it will take much more time, and much more work than that.


Brendan Mace creates high quality training videos, and is a great online marketer.

However when it comes to 5k Publishing Paydays, I recommend that you

Kindle publishing takes much more, work, planning, time and risk than what Brendan claims, and it is also much harder to succeed in right now.

For those reasons I believe you should find other ways to make money online. Especially if you have not made any money online yet.

My Recommendation

When I was first very interested in Kindle Publishing I wasted hours, and hours of time researching, learning and preparing, just to learn that it was harder to succeed at than I thought.

Luckily I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and learned a much easier and reliable way to make money online.

Don’t get me wrong, it still takes a lot of time and effort, but every person who follows their training, and doesn’t give up will succeed.

After following their training I started making enough money online to quit my job and focus on it full time.

Now I am beginning to move onto other streams of income and plan on trying out Kindle Publishing once again.

If I fail now, it won’t be the end of the world.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

Wealthy Affiliate

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