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Is Elite Marketing Pro a Scam? – Review

Elite Marketing Pro

If you’ve made the decision to read this article about Elite Marketing Pro, it’s probably because your instincts are probably already telling you that it is probably a scam.

Throughout this post I will be going over what Elite Marketing Pro offers, and why I think that it would be a good idea for you to avoid it at all costs.

What is Elite Marketing Pro?

Elite Marketing Pro is a program that offers to help people who have tried and failed at to make any money through online marketing.

They claim to give you everything you need to getting an online business up and running, or to get your already existing business to bring in more money.

 What Elite Marketing Pro Offers

For a hefty monthly price of $47 a month, or $297 dollars a year you gain access to:

  • Elite Marketing Pro Automated Sales System
  • Traffic Generation & Marketing Tools
  • Capture Page Creator Pro
  • Authority Blogging System ProElite Marketing Pro Review
  • Private Mastermind Group
  • Exclusive Elite Training
  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider Subscription

At first glance, this might seem like a deal, but when you break it down and actually look at what you’re getting, it starts seem more and more like a rip off.

For the price that you pay, you get the right to earn 100% commissions on the products that they offer.

These products include:

  • The Ultimate Email Profit Machine
  • The YouTube Traffic Blueprint
  • The Ultimate Sales Conversion System
  • The Ultimate List Building System
  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel
  • The 90 minute Profit Machine
  • The Facebook Power Code
  • Branded Traffic Formula

In my opinion, you can’t really call it 100% commission for the products if you have to pay $37 dollars a month in order to earn the commissions.

Not as Good as it Sounds

90 Minute Profit Machine

Tim is very good at making the offer seem a lot better than what it actually is, and I’ll give you examples of what I mean.

The Authority Blogging System Pro is basically just an exaggeration of what is actually just a website template.  For a similar price, the membership that I’m in gives you access to thousands of these templates, that are all completely customizable.  Not to mention I can have as many websites as I want hosted on their servers.

The Elite Marketing Pro Automated Sales System, is basically where they show you how to set up a system that will specifically promote their products.

This leaves out tons of information about a bunch of other pieces that are needed to be successful in internet marketing.  In my opinion, Elite Marketing Pro will not always be around, and what are you going to do when you can’t make money from their products anymore?  You need to learn the more if you want to survive in the ever changing world of the internet.

I think by now you’re probably beginning to get the idea about what they’re doing.

Private Mastermind Group is just a group to communicate with other members.

Exclusive Elite Training is just basically a crash course on how to promote their products.

And Capture Page Creator Pro helps you create a sales page for their products.

 Who is Elite Marketing Pro For?

In my opinion, Elite Marketing Pro is for people who want to spend way too much money for information that can be found for free in other places.

Sales Pitch

Wealthy Affiliate is where I have a membership to, and they give you an incredible amount of information, and walk you step by step how to set up a free fully functional website with just their free membership.

It’s crazy to think that Elite Marketing Pro offers you less than that with their full and over priced membership.


Elite Marketing Pro is a program that doesn’t give you much information about what they are offering because they don’t have much to offer.

They use a bunch of fancy names for what they offer, in an attempt to make it seem like you are getting a lot with your membership.

The $47 dollars a month is the same price as Wealthy Affiliate, who gives you unlimited free websites, that are all hosted on their servers, full access to thousands of members who are making a full living online, along with in depth, step by step training that will help you earn money online, by simply writing about whatever interests you.

Elite Marketing Pro is simply a crappy product in a fancy package, and in my opinion is basically a scheme that is set up to take your money.

I suggest that you save your $47 a month, and try Wealthy Affiliate’s complete free trial first, and upgrade to their premium membership after you’ve seen how great it is there.

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3 thoughts on “Is Elite Marketing Pro a Scam? – Review”

  1. Elite was recommended to me by a successful Traffic Monsoon user. I’m hearing that Wealth Affiliate is a better choice.

    I’m planning on plugging my (future) WA sites into my Traffic Monsoon to drive traffic and such.

    Do you think this is a good idea?

    • Hi Kelly,
      I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate over Elite any day. As for Traffic Monsoon, I think it can be a good way to get traffic to your site as long as you are careful with your money.


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