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What Is Is It A Scam? [Review]

In this Ads Crypto Review I’ll be answering the question What Is,  and telling you whether I think you should avoid it or not! Review

Product: AdsCrypto

Creator: Zahid Jadoon & Ajit Ghorpade


Price: Free – about $200 per pack

Verdict: Not Recommended


What Is

Ads Crypto claims to be a global and digital advertising platform that will help get high quality traffic to your website.

It’s marketed as a way for businesses or individuals to get traffic/ visitors to their websites in order to advertise their products.

However there is more to it than that.

If you are reading this review it’s probably because you are wondering whether you can make money with their system.

So let’s go over what really is!

What Is Actually?

On the surface they claim to be an advertising platform, but in reality they are a revenue sharing program.

A revenue sharing program is a system that makes it’s money by getting new members to sign up.

But there is some more information you should know.

The reason that claims that it’s an advertising company is because that is the only thing keeping it from being a Ponzi scam!

Well the truth of the matter is that is still basically a Ponzi scheme.

Most of, if not all of the money that they make, and you’ll be making will be from getting new recruits to sign up.

Why is that bad?

I’ll get into that a little more shortly.

How Works?

First off, if you want you can make a very small amount (pennies) of money through them by clicking on advertisements.

Let’s be real though, if you want to make any real money you will have to get others to join AdsCrypto as well.

Their system is only kept up and running if they have a constant stream of new members flowing in.

Which is what makes this system so risky, and borderline illegal!

More on that shortly.

What You’ll Be Doing

Like I said, you’ll mainly just be getting other people to sign up for Ads Crypto.

However their is a little bit more to it.

First you are required to purchase at least one of the 4 Advt Pack Plans that they offer.

The only other thing you really need to do to start making money with AdsCrypto is to just start clicking on ads.

You are required to click ads every 24 hours or you won’t be able to earn money through the revenue sharing system. Is Risky

This is the main thing that you need to be aware of before you get involved with this revenue sharing system.

Revenue sharing programs never last very long, most of them only last for a few months before they crash because they don’t have enough members joining.

Some larger ones like AdsCrypto last a year or longer, with the longest one being around two years.

Seeing as it will take you at least a month to earn back your initial investment, you’re gambling on whether it will still be around by then.

Once the system goes under you are simply out of luck and won’t get any money back whatsoever.

Also keep in mind that in order to make any sort of decent money, you will have to make a pretty hefty investment in the beginning.

Seeing as the lower AdPacks have a limited amount you can buy, you’ll have to upgrade to the more expensive ones and spend more money.

Is Ads Crypto A Scam?

There is actually a pretty big debate going on about whether or not systems like this one are scams.

Like I said earlier, the only thing that keeps something like this from being a ponzi scam is the fact that their is a product.

However that is a bit of a gray area.

It seems as if the only way it isn’t considered a ponzi scam is if it NEEDS it’s “product” to survive.

If it only relies on new members to survive then it is considered a Ponzi scam.

It appears that Ads Crypto doesn’t rely on new members to sustain itself thanks to the trading of it’s creators.

I personally never recommend Revenue Sharing programs, however some people will benefit from signing up.


Not Recommended

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