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Consistent Sales System Review

Consistent Sales System Review: It’s Lacking A Bit?

In this quick Consistent Sales System review I will be giving you what you need to know about the system before making the decision to buy or skip it.

Consistent Sales System ReviewConsistent Sales System Review

Product: Consistent Sales System

Creator: Kevin Fahey


Price: $19.95 + Up-sells

Verdict: Decent


What Is Consistent Sales System?

Consistent Sales System is a video training that claims to show you a  new method that will help you increase your online income.

It claims to teach you how to make money online without:

  • Constantly create new products
  • Using shady methods
  • Constantly launching new products
  • Needing your own product
  • Paid traffic
  • Waiting for SEO
  • Just being in the make money niche
  • Needing to chase other affiliates
  • Working long days

Well, let’s jump in and find out if this system truly lives up to the claims it makes.

Pros and Cons

I always like to list out the good and bad things about every product because it helps visually see the perks and downfalls.


  • Can help you make money
  • Easy to follow training
  • Not just rehashed methods


  • Missing information beginners may need
  • Skips steps beginners may need
  • Not completely in depth
  • Lacking Support
  • Up-sells

The Price and Up-sells

Depending on when you decide to purchase Consistent Sales System you will pay somewhere between $13-$20.

Keep in mind that after you purchase the product they will offer you an expensive up-sell product.

Up-sell #1: VIP Training Bundle ($197)

If you decline the offer they will offer you the option for monthly payments to get access to it.

Consistent Sales System review

I honestly think that many beginners will have to purchase the up-sell for a few reasons I’ll get into in this next section.

My Personal Thoughts

In my opinion, this training contains some good information that can and will help you increase your online profits if you implement the process.

With that being said there are a few things you should be aware of before you jump out and buy it.

First, I honestly found that it is missing some information that many beginners will probably need to succeed.

I honestly can’t say if they did this on purpose to increase the chances of you buying the up-sell to get the information.

But I can say that there are some points that they just gloss over of skip completely.

I personally think that this product isn’t completely geared to beginners, I think it would be more useful to people who already have their businesses in place.

It will help those people increase their income by making a few tweaks and doing a few things differently.


At the end of the day, Consistent Sales System gives some helpful information that can help you increase your online income.

With that being said, I think that beginners will have to purchase additional information to even be able to implement some of the things they teach.

And honestly even people who already have their own systems in place will have to infer some things that are just kind of glossed over.

In my opinion, Consistent Sales System is

However don’t purchase it thinking that it is your all in one package that will help you make your entire living online.

What I Recommend

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If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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