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Instant Income Generator Review

Instant Income Generator Review! It’s A Scam!

In this quick review of Instant Income Generator I’ll be going over the “program” and telling why It’s a scam!

Instant Income Generator ReviewInstant Income Generator Review

Product: Freedom Cash System

Creator: Unknown


Price: $97

Verdict: Scam!


What Is Instant Income Generator?

Instant Income Generator claims to show you an easy way to make about $1,000 a day online.

They claim that it’s the easiest way to make money online, and no other marketers will tell you how it’s done.

So can you really make $365,000 a year with this simple method that they’re going to teach you?

Let’s dive in and find out!

Pros and Cons

For every program I review I like to list out the good and bad things about it even if I’m sure it’s a scam.


  • You can maybe make a little money


  • It’s unlikely that you’ll make any money
  • You won’t make anything near $1,000 a day
  • It claims to be on popular news networks (it’s not)
  • False claims of limited space
  • Link posting doesn’t work anymore

The sheer number of cons related to the pros clearly shows that this is something that you should avoid.

I’ll go more in depth here shortly.

Link Posting Scams

I’ve come across several scams that look exactly like this one. I mean they literally look like the same website but they are at a different address!

All of these websites claim that you can make a ton of money by simply posting links in various places.

I’m not gonna lie, in the past you could actually make money by posting these links all over the internet.

But it doesn’t work anymore.

Yes, there are companies out there that will pay you a couple cents every time you get someone to click on a link to their website.

With that being said, it is nearly impossible to get enough people to click on those links to make any decent money anymore.

The reason for that is because in the past you could just post links in the comment sections of every single website you went to.

However now, every website has an automatic system that will delete those links.

And even if they didn’t, people just don’t click them anymore because they are aware that it is just spam!

The Red Flags

Okay, so even if it was still possible to make good money online by posting links, there are still several reasons why I wouldn’t join Instant Income Generator!

Fake Claims:

Even when link posting was at the height of it’s days, you still weren’t going to make anywhere near $1,000 a day.

The income they suggest that you can make is a complete lie and fabrication to get your attention.

You know what else is a complete lie?

The claims that is has been shown on ABC and other large television networks.

If it really was as simple and as easy as they claim to make that much money, it would be on those networks.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee Lie:

Now this one I can’t be 100% sure of because I didn’t give them my money, but I did in the past.

In the past a bought into a system that was exactly like this one, and guess what, I didn’t get any money back!

Instant Income Generator Review


Why You Shouldn’t Give Them Your Information

If you are going to put in your information I suggest that you give them fake emails, and phone numbers.

This is because they will constantly send you an endless stream of spam emails trying to get you to sign up for various other scams!

They will also most likely sell your information to the highest bidder, and that person will probably try to scam you as well!


I personally think that you should completely avoid this scam and not give them any of your information.

And if you already have I suggest you don’t click on any of the links that they will most-likely send you in your email.

At the end of the day, Instant Income Generator is a


You won’t make back the money that you spend, and they won’t give it back if you ask for it!

Make Real Money Online

Even though Instant Income Generator is a scam, there are legitimate ways to make money online.

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I know that because they helped me earn enough money online to quit my job and work completely from home!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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