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Is Cash Finder System a Scam? Review


I actually ran across Cash Finder System while I was doing research on another program call Steal My System!

It turned out that Steal My System was a complete scam, so it’s not looking too good for Cash Finder System.

Of course, I try to give every program an honest review, so lets get into it.

What is Cash Finder System?

Cash Finder System is a training program created by Lee Gilmore that promises to teach you the ins and outs of being a real estate finder.

The sales video makes claims of incredible income by receiving checks ranging from $3,000 to $15,000 and even more.

It also claims

  • You don’t need any experience
  • Don’t need to learn new skills
  • It’s basically like “Copy & Paste”
  • It takes as little as 7 Days

So are all of these claims true, or is the whole system just a big scam?

What Cash Finder System Really is

As it turns out, Cash Finder System is not really a scam.

However there is a reason that my instincts initially told me it was.

Whether you read through the sales page, or watched the sales video, you heard quite a few exaggerations!

It is actually possible to make money by using this system, and some people to make a living by doing it.

However it is not as simple as the sales pitch makes it sound. In fact, it’s nowhere near as easy as they make it sound.

The make it seem as if you can purchase their training program, and just occasionally focus on finding properties as a hobby, and still get thousands of dollars in the mail with no problem.

It’s Not That Easy

If being a real estate finder was truly as easy as their sales video makes it sound, then wouldn’t everyone and their mother be doing it.

Here are some of the challenges that you will be facing if you decide to purchase this product and follow it’s steps.


The sales video makes it seem like do this is a cake walk, but in reality you will be in competition with tons of more experienced people.

Just think about it, this is incredibly similar to what realtors do. They try to find the best deals for their clients to purchase, and I promise you they are really good at it. I mean, they make their living doing it.

You’ll Have to Learn:

I know that the sales video says that you won’t have to learn any new skills, but that’s simply not true.

Tell me, could you look at a house that’s for sale and tell me right now whether it is worth more that what the sales price is?

It takes inspections, and rehabilitation knowledge to know whether a property is a cold mine, or lost cause.

I promise you that the ability to do this is not something that is learned over night.

You can’t do everything from your home:

While you can find some potential good home online, you won’t be able to truly tell until you give it a thorough inspections.

My Personal Thoughts

Being a real estate finder might be a great career opportunity for some people out there.

You can absolutely make money by doing it, however I do not recommend purchasing this program.

A bunch of the claims made in this sales video and page are just outrageous exaggerations and some of them are just flat out not true.

If you are a person that is willing to put a whole bunch of time and effort into making this into your profession, then I say go for it, but personally I would find another place to learn about it from.

The $99 price tag is just too high to pay for such a shady product in my opinion.


In my opinion it is not a complete scam, however the sales page is full of exaggerations which will lead to unrealistic expectations. I personally believe you should absolutely

Cash Finder System!

That goes even more so for people who are just now hearing about real estate finders.

If you are truly interested in getting into real estate finding then I suggest you do a lot more research about it first.

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It’s not quick, and it certainly takes a lot of effort, but I promise you anyone can do it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Is Cash Finder System a Scam? Review”

  1. Are you sure cash finder is legit? I signed up for it and a guy called and needed the last 4 of my social, birthdate, credit card and lone info so he could verify my dedt before he could get me with an advisor. It didn’t seem legit to me.

    • Hi David,
      I don’t believe it is a complete scam, but it certainly is shady. I personally would not give that information out over the phone to them. Please update me and let me what happens as you move forward.
      Best wishes.

    • Cash Finders was operating of. Overbrook area of West Philadelphia with assistance from Philadelphia corrupt police who blocked anyone who wrote who is a victim of identity theft and violent attacks such as myself when I was attacked at their office. The mail said his name was Ronald h a r g u s t. He forged my signature on everything you can think of from financial statements School as he obtained fraudulent student loans got a copy of my medical records had someone also them to make it look like I was mentally ill so when I report it the identity theft the home invasions the fraudulent Deeds and the major attack where they almost threw me out the window because I found the files he created doing multiple mortgages under my social security number and name and properties I paid cash for. Corrupt Philadelphia police officers a detective Patrick Pelosi who was recently indicted in January of 2017 falsified a warrant intimidated my minor children and my frigid mother who now has the bench behind the traumatic experiences she to suffer from being a victim of identity theft as well as my oldest daughter. They tried to force me to pay back a mortgage that I never took out never benefited from as well as students loans and because I went to authorities I was being in a home invasion robbed of case money I just settled and then framed I had act 235 carry permit and at 1:20 and an off-duty carry permit cuz I am a former Philadelphia police officer and with the help of former deputy Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson who is also allegedly involved in this credit repair scam they had me arrested to silence me but it did not sound to me. They set me up to be kidnapped by someone who was affiliated with a male who I kept rejecting since I was a teenager he invited me to karaoke because I have my own record label he claimed that there were people who attended certain karaoke in West Philadelphia who may be potential good artist for my record label. Instead of this being a business venture to seek out potential new artist Mark the relative another of a female police officer who was friends of my ex-husband who is a former police officer whom I testified against who was also involved in Identity Thief His Wife was convicted of mortgage scams but yet I lose my home my lands my investment properties my bank accounts my identity and still I have not been made whole. These people are operating currently out of an authorized PennDOT Center in North Philadelphia on York Street off of 31st and 32nd Street. Same district that veteran cops who was supposed to be switched around during the rotation remain at this District to ensure protection for the major King hacker Credit Credit Repair scam artist and violent relative allegedly of a judge in Philadelphia. Now figure out why and how identity theft has become the highest paid crime since says jbm days along with theft of human organs after staged accidents. Look up judge J Waters close friends of Judge Bradley Moss of traffic court who have access to driver’s license information social security card Social Security numbers and personal information that is utilizing and identity theft scams. Former judge Waters indicted they also use this judge to try to silence me as he committed false imprisonment I am not sure if this Lee Gilmore is really Ronald Hargus see probably so but definitely cash finders is a scam violent organization also known as organized criminals be aware

      • You have obviously been given very poor information. The company you are referring to does not even do business in Philadelphia, nor has ever done business in Philadelphia. Lee Gilmore and the office are not within 1,000 miles of Philadelphia. Whatever has happened to you has nothing to do with the Legitimate Cash Finder’s System & Lee Gilmore. Lee Gilmore and his office are a real estate investment company. People can simply bring deals to them and get a finders fee if they are good deals that are worth doing. It sounds like you must be involved with somebody else trying to use a legitimate business person’s name an company fraudulently. Please do your research property next time you would like to bad mouth a legitimate business and personal reputation.

  2. Thank you, Laetyn, for taking the time to watch out for us less savvy opportunity seekers. What you have shared makes complete sense.

  3. I contacted them. They want $2,500 for their 5 week course-this course is to actually walk you through a real transaction that you are marketing so that you will not make any mistakes. If you do not know what you are doing, then this does sound good but the price is very high. To make money in your training sounds good. Please give me your thoughts

    • Hi Sandra,
      Personally I don’t recommend investing money in this course unless you already know a lot about cash finding. If you are serious about putting a lot of time and effort into it, and have a spare $2,500 that you don’t really need, then maybe. If you are the type of person that is willing to put whatever it takes into learning about this and working hard at it, then you could earn your money back in time. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  4. Ive seen my fair share of get rich quick,no exp necessary, work from home, buy my system, real estate etc. Most r a waste of ink !! Just keep doing your homework (gain your own exp in process) if it sounds too good to be true it is. For instance kids wont be carrying textbooks some day we know this tablets are the future etc. It all boils down to COMMON SENSE really. Good luck folks maybe we’ll all meet up in the Riviera one day….haha

  5. Any business that wants 2,500 dollars up front is a scam
    How many times do we have to learn
    If they were making money just from finders fees
    Why would they need a system to sell to you
    Every system is a scam

  6. I got taken like a fool last year for $1,400 and I swear to God I won’t be taken again!!! I get these get Rich scam crap in my inbox 100 times a day and now the first thing I do is go straight to your website and look it up? Just wanted to say Thanks;

    • Hey Kimberly,
      I’m sorry to here that you fell victim to a scam.
      It’s pretty easy to fall for many of the internet scams that are out there. I’m always glad to help out, I just wish I had more time to review all of the scams that are out there. If there is ever a particular one you want me to look into be sure to let me know!


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