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Is Free Money System A Scam Or Legit? Find Out Here!

Any program with the name Free Money System automatically sets off my scam radar.

However I’m always sure to give each and every program an equal opportunity to prove me right or wrong.

In this review I will be digging into Free Money System and giving you my final thoughts on whether it is a scam, or if it is a legitimate place to get free money.

What is the Free Money System?

Well it honestly depends on where and when you are trying to gain access to the so called program.

As it turns out, the system that is offered through the name “Free Money System” has changed since I first heard about it.

Not to mention, apparently it is unavailable in my area.

Honestly I’m not sure whether that is actually the case, or if it just says that to give an excuse to redirect me to the new program that they are offering.

Regardless of when or where you come across FMS, you will most likely see an ad for sometime of binary options program.

What is Free Money System Really?

At this point in time it appears as if Free Money System is a program that doesn’t even really exist.

As far as I can tell anyways. Let me know if I’m wrong.

Every attempt I made to access FMS, I was redirected to another program called Google Sniper.

I see this a lot with certain programs like these.

The original program Free Money System became popular at once, then it was proved to be a scam.

Now they are still trying to cash in on the popularity of the name, by offering other scams instead.

So now I am going to review the program that they are offering now.

The Red Flags

There are quite a few red flags that are present throughout the sales page.

  • Large portion of the video is simply about how much money you can supposedly make.
  • Claims of no training needed
  • Claims of being completely free (it’s not)
  • Doesn’t go into much detail about what you will get

That’s just a few of the flags that stood out to me immediately.

My Personal Thoughts

In my opinion Free Money System is a scam binary options software that you absolutely stay away from.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is possible to make money online by trading binary options.

However it is not as easy as many of these programs want to make it seem.

It is incredibly risky, and something I do not recommend for anyone who doesn’t have a bunch of extra money to risk losing.

How The Scam Works

At the end of the videos and promotions claiming that you can become a millionaire by doing little to nothing for completely free.

You will be taken to an area that tells you that you have to invest a minimum of $200 in order to begin your “free” journey.

They’ll of course say that it is free, and the money you deposit is still yours, but in many cases you will not get that money back.

Trust me, I’ve been in that situation and I promise you that it sucks.

Anyways, this is the main goal of the entire program.

To simply get you to deposit you money into a broker account.

The reason behind this is because the person or group that got you to deposit your money into the account will get a commission for getting you to do so.

Their main objective is to get as many people as they possibly can to deposit as much money as possible into accounts, and they will do or say anything to get you to.

They don’t care whether you make any money or lose all of your money, all they care about is getting their commission.


Free Money System is just another binary options scam that was created to get you to deposit money into a broker account.

Do not waste your money on this


Binary options is not something that you can just jump into and expect to immediately make thousands of dollars from.

Odds are that you will lose your money, and earn Walter Green extra money while your at it.

Make Money Online Risk Free

As I said before, it is possible to make money online through binary options trading, however it is incredibly risky.

The first time I tried, I lost all of the $200 that I deposited in a matter of days.

Affiliate marketing is what I have found to be the easiest, most reliable and risk free way to make money online.

Thanks to the training at Wealthy Affiliate I have been able to quit my job and live solely off of the money I make online.

If you looking for an actual way to make money online I suggest you read more about them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below.

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