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Point And Click Profit Scam Review

What Is Point And Click Profit? It’s A Scam! [Review]

In this review of Point And Click Profit I’ll be going over everything you need to know about it before giving them any money.

Will you actually be able to make thousands?

Let’s dive in and find out!

Point And Click Profit Scam ReviewPoint And Click Profit Review

Product: Point And Click Profit


Price: $97 + Up-sells

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam? Yes!

Is Point And Click Profit Recommended? No!


What Is Point And Click Profit?

Point And Click Profit claims to be a new online money making system that was recently launched by Amy Jensen.

On the sales page Amy claims that you’ll be processing listings on eBay earning a set $5 per listing, however that’s simply not how it works.

I know that it would be if all you had to do was process a handful of listings everyday and make hundreds of bucks.

But as it turns out, Point And Click Profits isn’t anything like it claims, and I’ll be going over why in this review.

The Pros & Cons

I always try to be fair and come up with something good to say about every program I review, there’s barely anything for this one.


  • Might Be Able To Make Money (Borderline Ponzi Scheme Though)


  • Nothing Like They Claim
  • Could Be Anything
  • Amy Jensen Isn’t Real
  • Fake News
  • Just Like Other Scams

Throughout the rest of this review I’ll be going further into detail about all of the points that I just listed out above.

Nothing Like They Claim

They claim that you’ll be making money by posting listings on eBay for various products sold by different name brand companies.

Apparently once your listing sells the product, you’ll get paid a part of the money from the sale.

This is similar to affiliate marketing, but it’s largely different in a few ways.

First off, companies list their own products on websites like eBay and Amazon, but you can still make money by getting people to buy them.

If you sign up for an affiliate program, you can get paid for sending people to Amazon or eBay when they purchase products.

You can click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.

The problem is that that has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re actually signing up for when you join Point And Click Profit.

Point And Click Profits Truth

As you can see in the URL of the image above, when you go to actually pay for Point And Click Profits, you’re taken to a purchase page for another program called Easy 1 Up.

The main thing that you need to know about it is that it’s a borderline Ponzi scheme and you’d only make money from getting other people to sign up.

Could Be Anything

I certainly do not recommend signing up for this program for many reasons, but one of the main ones is the fact that you could be getting anything.

Just because it was signing me up for Easy 1 Up doesn’t mean that you’ll be signed up for the same program, it could change in the future.

The fact that Easy 1 Up has nothing to do with eBay like they claim, shows that they don’t care what you sign up for.

As long as they are going to make money from you joining up, they will make you sign up for anything. Possibly even a scam that will steal money from your bank account.

Amy Jensen Isn’t Real

Point And Click Profits Fake Creator

Now that I’ve gone over what you’ll actually be getting if you pay, I want to go over just how fake this entire website is.

Amy Jensen is just a made up name that the person who created the website used so that they can hide their identity from you.

It’s just a random stock photo of some random woman that was pulled from the internet.

Just like all of the other images on the sales page including the testimonials.

Fake News

Point And Click Profit Fake NewsOne of the most convincing things that they put on their sales page is the new segment videos talking about making money from home.

However the main thing that you need to realize about those videos is that they never specifically mention Point And Click Profit.

They are just random news segments about people who make their living from home.

It is certainly possible to make a living from home, however you aren’t going to do it by purchasing this program.

Just Like Other Scams

I’ve seen and reviewed dozens of “programs” just like this one. They all claim that you’ll make a ton of money online by barely doing any work.

Some other ones like this are: My Home Success Plan, Computers Made Simple and Online Success Plan.

They all make similar claims, use the same shady tactics, and sign you up for whatever program is likely to make them the most money.

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam?

It honestly up to you to decide whether you want to call this a scam or not. On one hand, if you’re signed up for Easy 1 Up, you could potentially make money.

However it would be much more difficult than they claim, and it’s certainly not a program I recommend.

Then on the other hand, all they do is lie and trick you into signing up for something that’s nothing like what they claim.

Do you consider that a scam?

Either way I think you should completely avoid it!


You can’t trust anything that Point And Click Profit tells you, why would you give them $97?

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Is Point And Click Profit A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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