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Quick Cash System is a Scam: Quick Review

This is going to be a quick review of the scam called Quick Cash System.

It didn’t take me long to learn that this was in fact a scam, so I’m not going to take to much time telling you why.

What is Quick Cash System?

Quick Cash System is a binary options trading scam that was set up to get you to deposit your money into a broker account.

They claim that after joining their system you will be able to quit your job 24 hours after joining, and you’ll become a millionaire within 100 days.

Come on, they can’t be serious right?

Binary Options Trading Scams

Trading binary options can be a good way to make money online if you are really invested, do your homework, and have a vast knowledge of how to trade.

This is where binary options scams come in and claim that they will do all of that hard work for you completely free.

They claim that they have a free automated system that will make all of the trades for you, and it will win you money with a 99.9999% win rate or something like that.

Quick Cash System is just another one of those scams!

What They Really Want

This scams really just want two things from you.

Your information and your money.

While researching this “software” I ran across a ridiculous number of complaints from people who gave QCS what they wanted.

The complaints ranged all the way from simply losing the $250 that they deposited all the way to thousands of dollars being stolen out of the bank accounts that they used.

Not only will you lose your money if you decide to give them your credit card information, but you could possibly lose your identity.

Many websites like these will take your personal information and sell it to the highest bidder.

This means your billing information, home address, and other personal information.

Also be aware that if you signed in with an email address and password that they may try that combination on various other websites.

If you used the same email and password combination that you use for other websites, there is a chance that they might try to login.

For example to your PayPal, social media, or bank accounts.


Quick Cash System is a complete


Do not give them any of you information.

My Recommendation

If you have already given them your bank account information I suggest that you call your bank immediately and ask them about what steps you should take from there.

You may have to close your accounts and change your passwords as well.

If you used your main email address or phone number you can try to block the messages that they will most likely harass you with.

However many of these scams use multiple email addresses and phone numbers to try and contact you with, so you may need to block quite a few of them.

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