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Seven Figure Profit Code

What Is The Seven Figure Profit Code? A Scam? [Review]

In this review of Seven Figure Profit Code I’ll be going over exactly what the system is, and telling you if I think it is a scam!

Seven Figure Profit CodeSeven Figure Profit Code Review

Product: Seven Figure Profit Code

Creator: Meaghan Harper


Price: $97

Is Seven Figure Profit Code A Scam? YES!


What Is The Seven Figure Profit Code?

Seven Figure Profit Code claims to be an online money making opportunity that will help you make $1076.74 per day.

Meaghan Harper is the creator and spokesperson for this program, and she claims to be hiring only 45 people.

She claims that you’ll get a pre-built website that will automatically bring in traffic and make you a ton of money!

What Is The Seven Figure Profit Code Really?

As it turns out, The Seven Figure Profit Code is simple a complete scam that just spews out a bunch of lies.

The entire video and “system” is just complete nonsense.

Throughout this review I’ll be pointing out several problems with this so called system

And giving you several reason why you should completely avoid it!

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The Pros And Cons

Even though this system is a complete scam, I still want to be as fair as I can and list out the good and bad things about it.

As it turns out… there’s nothing good.


  • Nothing


  • A Different Scam
  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Limited Positions Lie
  • Fake Creator
  • Paid Actors
  • The Disclaimer

Now I’m going to take a little bit of time to go further into detail about what exactly I mean with these points.

A Different Scam

Before getting too far into this review I want to point out that it may be completely different than the scam I’m showing you today.

I say that because after doing some research I found some other reviews about this system that were a bit different.

The sales page looked a bit different, and the sales video was somewhat different as well.

It was also claiming to have been created by a completely other person.

I just want to make it clear, no matter how different this scam looks, it is still a total scam!

Unrealistic Income Claims


This is one red flag that constantly appears in just about every single scam that I’ve reviewed.

And I’ve reviewed hundreds.

They claim that you’ll start make thousands of dollars a day without doing any real work.

That’s just a lie.

Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely possible to make good money online, I know that because I work online for a living.

However it takes actual time and effort before you’ll start making good money.

There is no “push button” or automatic system that’s going to do the work for you.

I know that would be great, but it just doesn’t exist.

Limited Positions Lie

This is another thing that scam system love to do. They claim that there are only a handful of positions left.

Even though they will take your money no matter how many people have come before you.

There are legit programs out there that have limited positions because they can only handle so many people at a time.

However Seven Figure Profit Code isn’t one of those programs.

You know how at the top of the page it says that it will close at midnight?

Well I waited an entire day just to put that to the test and guess what?

What Is the seven figure profit codewhat is the seven figure profit code

The page was still there the next day, and it’s still there even though you’re reading this after I wrote this review.

Fake Creator

Seven Figure Profit Code CreatorHere’s something that you should find interesting.

You know Meaghan Harper? The woman who is supposedly going to hire you and give you a ton of money.

She doesn’t actually exist.

The photos they use for here are just stock photos that they pulled from a website.

I honestly don’t have proof of this, however I’m certain that it’s true.

Not to mention I have proof that they hired actors though.

Paid Actors

When I first started writing reviews, I never thought that a scam would pay money to hire actors.

But I was wrong about that.

Now-a-days websites like Fiverr exist where you can hire someone to make a quick video for like 5 bucks.

That’s exactly what Seven Figure Profit Code Did.what is the seven figure profit code

I know that because I have seen this woman above in countless other scams.

She claims that she’s nervous because it’s her first time on camera.

That’s just laughable.

The Disclaimer

This one is the real kicker.

If you haven’t been convinced yet that this is a complete scam, this should definitely get you there.

If you look at the disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page you’ll see something very interesting.

That’s right, they sales flat out that you aren’t going to be making any money at all with this system.

You can go check that out for yourself.

Do I even really need to say anything else about this scam?

Is The Seven Figure Profit Code A Scam?

I honestly hope that if you’ve made it this far into this review that you’ve been completely convinced that Seven Figure Profit Code is a complete


I want to be clear and let you know that I didn’t purchase this system because I am so certain that it’s a complete scam.

If you’ve had an experience with Seven Figure Profit Code let me know what happened in the comments below!

Make Legit Money Online

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What do you think about Seven Figure Profit Code? If you have any questions or concerns, let me know in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “What Is The Seven Figure Profit Code? A Scam? [Review]”

  1. I always wonder if online gimmicks are real or unreal but being a little bit more smarter now on the internet and finding information at hand is a lot easier and as soon as I start watching the video three-quarters of the way as soon as I saw$37 I went looking for the information I need to find and lo and behold I find family time and come. Com I read the review and I will say thank you very much for the information because I came pretty close they are pretty convincing and what people as such a Thrust in trying to make money people will definitely go ahead and give that money to make that million dollars.
    So that in hand I will say thank you very much for the info and I might just hit the button or the line where it says this is how I made my money thank you again Sal Mora

  2. Hi. Well, i just got scammed by 7figure. Dam! I really want to come home and stay home with my kids. Is coolhandle a scamming website builder too?

    • Het Heidi,

      Sorry to hear that you gave them your money. I wouldn’t consider Cool Handle to be a scam because they are simply a web hosting service, however many scam will try to get you to sign up and pay for it without telling you what it is. You can create a website using WordPress and then have it hosted on Cool Handle, but you won’t make any money with it unless you get it learn how to get traffic. My Top Ranked Program will walk you through all of those steps, show you how to get traffic to your website and ultimately make money from it. I recommend you read more about it if you are serious about making money online.


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