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2 Day Profits Review: Is It Everything They Promise?

2Day Profits Review

Will 2 day Profits really make you money in just 2 days, or is that just another exaggerated claim to get you to buy their product?

2Day Profits Review2 Day Profits Review

Product: 2 Day Profits

Creator: Mark Barrett


Price: $10 + Up-sells

Verdict: Look Elsewhere


What Is 2 Day Profits?

2 Day Profits is an online digital training product that claims to teach you a method that will make you money within the first 48 hours of work.

It was created by Mark Barrett who has created many other similar products in the past like 8 Minute Profits, and Max Daily Profits.

I have personally not been a huge fan of his past products, but could this be the one that stands out?

Let’s dive in!

Pros and Cons

Weighing the pros and cons of a product can often times help when deciding whether to purchase it or not.


  • You can make some money
  • It’s cheap to get started


  • Not great for newbies
  • Similar to many other products
  • Not very in depth training
  • Up-sells

The Up-sells

One thing I really want to make sure that you are aware of is the fact that if you decide to purchase this product, you will also be hit with offers for more expensive items.

I know the $5.95 discount price is very tempting, just keep in mind that that purchase may lead you down a dangerous rabbit hole.

The up-sells they will offer you include:

Up-sell #1:($27)

A 20 part follow up email series.

Up-sell #2:($27)

A copy of their sales funnel that was used in their case study.

Up-sell #3:($197)

A 2 Day Profits live masterclass series.

2 Day Profits Upsells

These up-sells do contain some helpful information that can assist you in making more money online. It just depends if you are willing to shell out that type of cash for them.

My Personal Thoughts

First, I want to come out and say that 2 Day Profit is not a scam and it is certainly possible to make money from it.

However if you are a beginner who has no experience in online marketing, it will be a bit more difficult than they lead on.

The training mainly focuses on building an email list that you can then market various products to and make commissions.

For an experienced marketer it might be as simple as the sales page makes it sound, but if you are new to the online marketing world you will have a much harder time.

There are other programs out there that are more geared towards beginners.


To close out my 2 Day Profits Review, I just want to say that it is not a scam, and it is possible to make money with it.

There is plenty of good information within the training and if you are thinking about getting started in the online marketing world.

You just have to be aware that the sales page is full of exaggerations, and you could end up spending a couple hundred bucks on a system that isn’t going to work so well.

Those are the reasons why when it comes to 2 Day Profits, I recommend that you…

Many people like to claim that I only write bad reviews to try and make my recommended products look better, which just doesn’t make much sense. I could make a whole lot more money by recommending this product to you, and getting a commission for getting you to buy it, but I won’t do that because I only recommend high quality products.

What I Recommend

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If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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