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Affiliate Profit Loophole Review: Will It Work?

Did these guys really find a loophole that will allow you to make hundreds of dollars in affiliate commissions? In this review of Affiliate Profit Loophole I will be jumping into what the product offers and giving my opinion on whether you should purchase it or not.

Affiliate Profit Loophole Review

Affiliate Profit Loophole ReviewProduct: Affiliate Profit Loophole

Creators: John Shea & Paul James

Price: $7.45 + Up-sells


Verdict: Decent

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What Is Affiliate Profit Loophole?

Affiliate Profit Loophole is a training course created by John Shea and Paul James that claims to show you a loophole at Udemy that allows you to exploit their system to get customers to buy your affiliate products.

Pros and Cons

There are a few things I like about this program and a few things I don’t like about it as well.


  • You could make money
  • Training is decent


  • Up-sells
  • May not work forever

The Up-Sells

I am not a big fan of up-sells but occasionally they can be useful.

Affiliate Profit Loophole includes 2 Up-sells:

Up-sell #1: ($27)

Is a course that explains how to use product reviews to recommend products and make money from commissions.

Up-sell #2: ($17)

An eBook that shows how John uses relationships with authority figures in a marketplace where most people can’t access.

My Personal Thoughts

John Shea is a pretty good internet marketer and also has a pretty decent list of courses over at Udemy.

Udemy is a great way to make money online and many people use it as a sole source of income.

If you are someone who likes to make videos and likes the idea of joining and creating courses on Udemy then you may actually benefit from this training.

However it is important that you are aware of the up-sells, and understand that loopholes are bound to be found at some point in the future.

But even if the loophole is found, you can still make money by getting people to join your courses.


John and Paul are pretty good affiliate marketers and teachers as well. You can utilize Udemy to make money with courses and they teach you how to also make affiliate sales from your students.

Overall I think that Affiliate Profit Loophole is

They don’t claims of making thousands and thousands of dollars by using this simple trick. They simply state that you can make some extra decent money by using what they teach you.

If you don’t mind making video courses for Udemy, then you may be able to make some extra cash with this training

My Recommendation

If you are not interested in creating video courses for Udemy, then there are other places where you can learn how to make money online in different ways.

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