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Throughout this quick review of I’ll be going over the things you need to know before joining, and covering some common complaints I’ve found about them.

Is it a scam, or a legitimate business?

Let’s jump in and find out more! Scam Review

Product: Big Spot


Price: Free To Join

Is Big Spot A Scam? Debatable

Is Big Spot Recommended? No


What Is Big Spot?

The idea behind is pretty simple, you join up, you share your opinion on various topics, and then you get paid for it.

You’ve probably heard about them from their commercials on TV, or other advertisements you’ll find online like this one:

I’m not gonna lie, their marketing strategy is pretty good, the commercials are both funny and memorable.

But does the website stand up to the bar that their commercials set?

How Really Works

Well signing up and joining is free and simple, you just enter in some basic information about yourself, and your account is created.

However that’s only the beginning.

Then you’ll immediately be taken to a list of other survey websites that you’re matched up with, then you’ll have to sign up and create accounts there.

Big Spot Surveys

That means that you’ll have to put in more information like your name, email, age, gender, location, ethnicity, profession, education and much more. Is Just A Middleman Website

One thing you need to be aware of is the fact that is not going to be paying you anything for the information you give them.

They are simply a Middleman website that gets you to sign up for various other survey websites that actually provide the surveys for you.

This means that you can literally cut out the middleman, and simply go and sign up at these website by yourself.

Even though it is free to sign up at Big Spot, they will be making money by both getting you to sign up for other survey websites, and by selling your personal information to bigger companies.

Will You Make Money With Big Spot?

Big SpotThis is the main thing that most people want to know. Can you really just sign up, answer some questions and make money online.

Well the short answer to that question is yes you can.

However it is not as quick, easy and painless as they want you to believe it is.

You won’t make much money compared to the amount of time you put in, and you’ll also run across several other problems in your experience.

You’ll understand more after reading through some of the complaints I go over in the next section.

Complaints About

Throughout my research for this review I came across many different complaints about, and I want to compile them here.

Intermediary Website

Most of the complaints I found about the website we of people basically saying that they got no value from the website.

They could’ve literally just found a list of other survey websites, and signed up to them on their own.

It’s basically just an unnecessary step to take if you’re going to be taking online surveys. Middleman

Not Qualifying

Many complaints I found said that people would often get 10 to 20 questions into a survey before realizing that they didn’t qualify for it.

They are looking for a very specific group of people for each survey, and if you don’t fit into that category, you’ll be disqualified and won’t get paid.

This seems to be a common thing that happens to a lot of people.

Big Spot Disqualified complaint

Very Little Money

Honestly this isn’t so much a complaint about Big Spot as it is a complaint about taking online surveys in general.

No matter what survey website you sign up for, you shouldn’t be expecting to make very much money.

Some websites pay a bit more than others, however none of them are that good when it comes to hourly wages.

Most surveys will pay $0.50 – $5.00 but the amount of time you spend on them is normally proportional to the pat.

The $0.50 will take 5 minutes or so, while the $5.00 will probably take somewhere around an hour to complete.

Is A Scam?

Even though there are a lot of people out there who call the website a scam, I personally don’t consider it to be one.

Yes, it is unnecessary and a bit of a waste of time, but compared to other actual scams I’ve reviewed in the past it’s not so bad.

With that being said, it is still not something I recommend spending your time with.

Not Recommended

I rarely ever recommend spending your time with paid surveys because most of the time the pay isn’t equal to the amount of time you put in.

Normally you’ll end up getting paid somewhere around $2 – $5 per hour if you’re lucky, which is just not worth it in my book.

There are simply better ways to make money online.

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