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Crypto MasterBot Scam Review: Don’t Trust What You’ve Seen!

Crypto MasterBot Scam Review

In this quick Crypto Masterbot review I’ll be going over several reasons why you shouldn’t trust them!

Will you really be able to make thousands of dollars on complete auto-pilot?

Or is it just a complete scam that’s out to get your money?

Well let’s just say I hope you’re reading this review before putting up and money, because it’s not looking good.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making opportunities, and one always stands above the rest.

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Crypto MasterBot Scam Review

Crypto MasterBot Scam Logo

Product: Crypto MasterBot


Price: $250 Minimum Deposit

Is Crypto MasterBot A Scam? YES!

Is Crypto MasterBot Recommended? NO!


What Is Crypto MasterBot?

Crypto MasterBot claims to be an incredible new “Fully Automated Software” that can bring you in thousands by trading Cryptocurrencies.

The most important thing you need to understand right now is that what they claim it is, and what it actually is are two completely different things.

They claim that its a user friendly trading platform that gives high quality signals and can be used by new traders and savvy traders as well.

It also supposedly has a near 100% win ratio which means you would profit from almost every trade you make.

Now that I’ve covered what it claims to be, let’s go over what it actually is.

Is Crypto MasterBot Legit?

Simply put, no, Crypto MasterBot is not a legitimate software for trading cryptocurrencies.

Its just one of hundreds if not thousands of scam trading software that are completely fake.

People create these simple websites and software to try to get people to deposit their money.

Once you deposit your money it is lost, and you won’t be able to get it back.

This is a well known scam in the online money making world, and it has cost many people thousands and thousands of dollars.

There are several ways that you can point out these scams, and I’ll be going over them shortly.

Trust me, you’ll want to know them!

The Pros & Cons

Normally this is where I list out the good and bad things about a program, but this one is all bad.


  • Nothing


  • Unrealistic Claims
  • Unknown Creator
  • Scam Broker
  • Just Like Other Scams

Over the next several sections I’ll be taking the time to go further in detail about the points listed above.

Unrealistic Claims

I know that the idea of basically guaranteed profits from trading sounds incredible.

But the simple truth is that it’s simply too good to be true.

Don’t you think that if a software really could predict the incredibly volatile crypto market, everyone would be using it.

Why would anyone be working if you could just deposit $250, then sit back and become rich?

Something like that simply doesn’t exist, and if it did, I wouldn’t be writing this review, I’d be getting rich with that.

Beware Of Fake Reviews!

There are two different types of fake reviews that you NEED to be aware of.

The first review is the basic fake good review, that claims that it’s real and that it’s worked for them.

You’ll be able to find some of these with a quick Google search.

The real problem you need to be aware of are the bad reviews that point you to another scam!

There are many scam review websites out there who will tell the truth about a scam to gain your trust, then recommend another scam!

They’ll be like, “Crypto MasterBot boasts a ridiculously fake win rate of 99.4%, but our real one is only 88%”

When the truth is that 88% is completely fake as well, and is just another scam.

This may sound hypocritical coming from me because I’ve recommended other products within this review, however there is one important difference.

My Top Ranked Program doesn’t require a $250 deposit, and it’s fact completely free to try out.

Fake Demo Accounts

Most of these scam will also offer you a fake “free trial” that claims to be a demo account.

They claim that you can run a simulation that follows the real market, but uses fake money.

That way you can see if you would’ve won if you deposited real money.

The problem is that these simulations are completely fake, and will show that you are winning when you aren’t.

Just like they’ll do if you actually deposit money.

Fake Winnings

Often times scams like this will show fake winnings after you deposit your money.

They’ll claim that you’ve won a ton so that you’ll be more likely to deposit more money.

If you think you made $5,000 from a $250 investment, how much more would you deposit?

This is how many people have lost their life savings on scams like this one!

There are even people out there who show videos of them fake winning in order to get you to sign up.

Here’s one I found on YouTube:

Just to be perfectly clear, the video above is NOT real.

Unknown Creator

Normally when I write reviews I try to find out as much as I possibly can about the creator of the system.

However there is absolutely no information about the creator or even the “company” itself.

There’s no information about where it’s based at, or about the people behind it.

That means there are no licenses, or anything like that.

Scam Brokers

Websites like Crypto MasterBot use unlicensed and unregulated brokers for one reason.

So they don’t have to give your money back once you realize it’s a scam.

Just Like Other Scams

I briefly mentioned this earlier, but I want to say a bit more about it.

This is only one of hundreds, if not thousands of scam Crypto Trading websites out there.

Scams like Cryptologic, Crypto Money Maker, Crypto Genius, and Crypto Edge.

Is Crypto MasterBot A Scam? – Conclusion

If you’ve even somewhat skimmed through this review you should know what I’m going to say.

I am 100% sure that Crytpo MasterBot is a scam!

I’m even comfortable saying that without actually investing any money to try it out.

There are simply too many red flags revolving around it for me to even think about wasting $250.

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