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Is Finish Line Network A Scam? What You Need To Know! [Review]

Finish Line Network Scam Review

Is Finish Line Network really everything it’s cracked up to be, or is it just another scam that’s been sent to your email inbox?

In this review I’ll be answering those questions, and giving you everything you need to know about it before giving them any money.

Let’s get this Finish Line Network Review started!

Finish Line Network Scam ReviewFinish Line Network Review

Product: Finish Line Network


Price: $47/month – Thousands

Is Finish Line Network A Scam? Debatable

Is Finish Line Network Recommended? No


What Is Finish Line Network?

Finish Line Network is a new Multi-level Marketing system that’s being promoted as a business opportunity for everyone to make money with.

It was created and is run by three marketers named Chad Stalvey, Greg Chambers, and Doug Wellens.

They certainly make it seem like an incredibly opportunity for you to make a ton of money online, but is it really that good?

There is a lot of information you need to know about it before pulling out your wallet, and I plan on going over all of that stuff.

So strap in and let’s get started!

How Finish Line Network Works!

After entering some basic information like your name, address, phone number and email, you’ll be able to create a free account.

Finish Line NetworkYou will then be able to log into a members area that will go over what exactly it is and what it’s all about.

It’s basically a system that you can promote to other people, and then make money when they join up and purchase into the program.

However the catch is that you’ll have to purchase each product that they offer before you can earn money from promoting it.

If you have only purchased their cheapest package, and someone you’ve referred purchases all four of their products, you’ll only get paid for the one that you own.

So in order to make the big bucks, you’ll have to spend big bucks to purchase the more expensive products.

In this next section I’ll be going over the products you’ll be purchasing, and after that I’ll get into how you’ll be making money.

The Finish Line Network Products

Now the you have a general idea of how the system works, let’s go over the products that they offer and what you’ll be paying for.

Finish Line Network Products

Silver Package – $47/Month

The silver package is a lead management platform that comes with an mobile app. It is meant to help you bring in leads which will hopefully convert into sales and income.

Gold Package – $130/Month ($2,997/3 years)

This package gives you access to training modules, as well as virtual live events brought to you by “strategic speakers and influencers”

Email Profits On Demand (ePOD) – $1,997

This gives you access to email marketing training that is meant to help you rake in tons of money through email campaigns.

High Ticket Live Events – $997

These are live events where top recruiters and digital marketers get together to go over advanced marketing tactics.

How You’ll Get Paid – The Compensation Plan

Now that we’ve gone over how the system works, and what the products are, let’s go over the different ways you’ll make money.

There are five different ranks within Finish Line Network, and you’ll hopefully move up through them as you make more sales.

The first rank where everyone starts out at is called “rising star” and you move up through the other following ranks:

1 Star Rank:

  • Reached after you sell 6 silver packages

2 Star Rank:

  • Reached after you sell 6 gold packages

3 Star Rank:

  • Reached after you sell 6 ePOD’s

4 Star Rank:

  • Reached after you sell 6 Live Events

How The Commissions Work

When you recruit someone into the Finish Line Network system you’ll earn a commission when they purchase a product that you own.

If one of your recruits purchases the Silver Package and they purchase in for $47, $25 will be the commission.

However out of that $25, $5 will go to the bonus pool (I’ll explain later) then you’ll split the remaining $20 (50%) with your sponsor.

So you’ll receive $10.

However after your first 6 sales you’re commissions will be split 80/20 which means you’ll receive $16.

Here’s the compensation for all four of the products:

Silver Package:

  • $10 Commissions – $16 Commissions after 6 sales

Gold Package:

  • $26 Commissions – $41.60 after 6 sales
  • $500 Commissions – $800 after 6 sales (3 year purchase)


  • $400 Commissions – $640 after 6 sales

Live Events: 

  • $160 Commissions – $256 after 6 sales

Downline Commissions

It’s important to realize that all of the commissions above are only for people you directly get to sign up under you.

However you will also earn money when people you got to sign up get other people to sign up under them.

Just like you split your commissions 50/50 or 80/20 with your sponsor, people under you will split their commissions with you.

You will only be earning commissions on sales the people directly under you make.

However if the person under you has not purchased the product that they made a sale of, you will get the commission.

Each commission will go to the first person in the upline who has actually purchases the product.

How The Bonus Pool Works

Money from every sale made from every affiliate is taken out of their commission to be put into the bonus pool.

To be exact, 20% of every commission will be put into this pool.

You will earn a certain amount of this pool depending on how many shares you earn throughout the month.

You earn shares from making sales, and also from moving up in the ranks.

Most product package sales will earn you 1 share, however 3 year gold packages, ePOD sales, and Live Events earn you 3 shares.

You’ll earn the same number of shares as the level you move up to.

For example, 1 Star members earn 1 share, 2 star members earn 2 shares, and so on and so forth.

The amount of money each share is worth depends on how much money the entire company makes.

You’ll also earn a different percentage of each share you have depending on what rank you’re in.

  • Rising Stars – 60%
  • 1 Star – 70%
  • 2 Star – 80%
  • 3 Star – 90%
  • 4 Star – 100% + Commissions from percent lower stars don’t earn

The remaining percent of each share that isn’t earned from lower level affiliates will be put into another pool for the 4 star affiliate.

For example when a rising star earns 60% of a share, the other 40% goes to the 4 star pool.

My Personal Thoughts

Up until this point I’ve just been focusing on giving you the information you need to know about how Finish Line Network works.

However now I want to help you read between the lines of the information that I’ve given you above.

To someone who has never made money online, or doesn’t know much about this system might not realize a few things.

It’s Harder Than It Seems

I know the compensation plan makes it seem like you can earn a ton of money, which you can, however it’s not easy.

It is not easy for beginners to get people to join into this system and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on it.

Sure, experienced marketing who know how to promote products will be able to do it, but are you experienced?

Beginners always have a hard time succeed at systems like this.

You’re Pushed To Buy All Of Their Products

Systems like this one strongly favor the people at the top of the structure. This pushes you to spend more and more money on it.

If you haven’t purchased all of their products you’ll miss out on commissions for the ones you don’t have.

This ultimately causes a lot of beginners to pay for all of the products, and then struggle to make any sales with them.

Is It A Pyramid  Scheme?

There is no avoiding the fact that this system has a lot in common with systems who have recently been deemed pyramid schemes.

MOBE and Digital Altitude were both recently shutdown by the FTC because the business models were considered illegal.

They both had incredibly similar business models to this one in which you had to pay for products in order to move up ranking.

Pyramid schemes focus on recruitment as compared to actually selling products.

Finish Line Network focuses on selling products, however those products are directly linked to the membership levels.

It’s debatable as to whether or not this is a pyramid scheme, however the only opinion that really matters is the FTC’s.

I’m not saying this system will be shutdown like the others, but it is certainly a possibility you need to be aware of.

The Odds Are Stacked Against You

Even if it’s not a pyramid scheme, the odds are still stacked against people at the bottom of this system.

With every system I’ve seen like this beginners always struggle to make back the money that they put into it.

The structure of this system is like and upside down funnel in which all of the money flows to the top.

The only people who make good money from systems like this are the creators and the experienced marketers at the top.

Is Finish Line Network A Scam? – Conclusion

At the end of the day it is technically debatable about whether or not you can call Finish Line Network a scam or not.

There will be a lot of people out there who will lose a lot money to this system and call it a scam.

Regardless of whether or not it should be called a scam, I still do not recommend this system to my readers.

Not Recommended

I simply don’t think that newbies will be able to succeed with a system like this.

They will end up putting hundreds if not thousands of dollars into it, and then struggle to earn that money back.

This is what happens with other similar high-ticket-programs like Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System, Millionaire Mentor Alliance and many others.

Not to mention the monthly payments that you have to make in order to make commissions will most-likely only lead them to dig further and further into a hole.

What I Recommend For Beginners

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