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Is Multiple Income Funnel A Scam Or Legit? [2022 Quick Review]

Multiple Income Funnel Scam

In this quick review of Multiple Income Funnel I’ll be going over everything you need to know about it before getting out your wallet.

Should you buy it? Or is it just a scam that’s going to take your money and not work?

The online money making world is full of scams, so it’s a good idea to do your own research before making any purchases.

Let’s dive in!


Multiple Income Funnel Review!

Multiple Income Funnel Scam Review

Product: Multiple Income Funnel


Creator: Mack Mills

Price: $49/month + Upsells

Is Multiple Income Funnel A Scam? basically

Is Multiple Income Funnel Recommended? NO!


What Is Multiple Income Funnel?

Multiple Income Funnel claims to be an incredibly easy autopilot internet business that will earn you thousands of dollars online.

They claim that it’s a simple “set it and forget it” system that does everything for you, and just rakes in the money.

While that certainly sounds incredible, it’s not everything that they claim it is.

Think about it.

If there really was a way to easily make thousands online without doing any work, don’t you think everyone would be doing it.

As it turns out, what MIF claims to be and what it actually is, are two completely different things.

How Does Multiple Income Funnel Work?

Multiple Income Funnel is a Multi Level Marketing scheme that has a business structure that’s very similar to a pyramid.

Essentially you’ll be signing up and paying for multiple products, so that you can then turn around and earn a commission for getting others to sign up too.

You will receive several DFY funnels with links to various offers that you’ll have the potential to earn commissions for.

That is of course after you sign up and pay for those offers yourself first.

The Pros & Cons

It can help to have a side by side list of the good and bad things about a program to help you decide whether to buy it or not.


  • Could Potentially Make Money


  • $49 is just the beginning price
  • Pyramid like business model
  • Over-hyped sales page

Throughout the next several sections I’ll be going deeper into detail about all of the points listed out above.

It Gets Crazy Expensive!

The $49/Month price tag that they say is a bit hefty on it’s own, however it’s only the beginning.

In order to be able to earn commissions for the various products you’ll be promoting, you’ll have to pay for them first.

From my research it appears that there are 4 different programs you’ll have to sign up for in order to make money.

These system appear to be:

  • Easy1Up
  • OPM Wealth
  • Traffic Authority
  • Textbot AI

In my research it appears that some of these have been swapped out in the past for some reason or another.

Let’s just take a quick look at the price levels for Easy1Up:

  • Elevation Package: $25
  • Elevation Elite: $100
  • Vertex Package: $250
  • Vertex Elite Package: $500
  • Vertex Pro Connect Package: $1,000
  • Vertex Live Package: $2,000

That’s just a quick look at one of the programs you’ll be urged to sign up for. The other get even more expensive.

The highest cost I saw is a tier for OPM Wealth that will run you upwards of $27,000!

Essentially these are pyramid like structures that will keep urging you to spend more and more money.

The Pyramid-Like Structure

Essentially you’ll be signing up for programs that have a pyramid like structure resembling that of a pyramid scheme.

Technically these companies run a Multi-Level Marketing businesses, which I guess can be considered legal.

I’m not going to get into the slight differences between MLM’s and pyramid schemes, but let’s just say there are very few differences.

Anyways, these programs are essentially pay to play.

Meaning that the only way you can make money, is by first paying to join the tier that you want to make money to promote.

For example, if you want to earn commissions on the Vertex Live Package, you’ll first have to pay $2,000 to purchase it.

However, it’s not that simple.

Before you can even buy that, you’ll have to pay to purchase all of the tiers below it on the pyramid.

Over-Hyped Sales Page

This is something that will always make me skeptical of a system.

If you arrive on the sales page for an online money making system and it sounds way too good to be true, it probably is.

Any system that claims that you can make “$10,000 next week” or “all you have to do is make a few clicks”, you should think twice about buying it.

While these claims don’t automatically make a system a scam, however it does make it untrustworthy.

I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of online money making systems, and not a single one of them has lived up to those claims.

Any reliable system is going to take hard work, consistency, and most of all time.

It takes time to build an online income of any substance.

Is Multiple Income Funnel A Scam?

When it comes down to it, I wouldn’t necessarily consider Multiple Income Funnel to be a scam, however I wouldn’t fault anyone who does call it one.

There is technically a chance to make money with this “system”, however for an overwhelming majority of people that’s not what will happen.

Just like any pyramid scheme the only people who make any notable money are those at the top, while everyone at the bottom spends more than they earn.

Regardless of whether or not you want to consider Multiple Income Funnel a scam, it is not something I would ever recommend.

Not Recommended

Have you purchased MIF? If so what was your experience with it and what do you think?

Do you feel like you were scammed or did you end making some money from it?

Either way, I’d love to know so feel free to tell me in the comments below!

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