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Is My Home Success Plan A Scam? Yes…It Is! [Review]

My Home Success Plan Scam Review

In this review of My Home Success Plan I’ll be going over several reasons why you should completely avoid it.

Will you be able to make any money at all with this program?

Let’s jump in deep and find out!

My Home Success Plan Scam ReviewMy Home Success Plan Review

Product: My Home Success Plan


Price: $97

Is My Home Success Plan A Scam? YES!

Is My Home Success Plan Recommended? No!


What Is My Home Success Plan?

My Home Success Plan claims to be an incredible program that can help you make $379/ day from home by just working 60 minutes per day!

It claims to be brought to you by a woman named April Matthews, and appears to be a good place to learn how to make money online.

However the truth is that this is just an old scam that’s been re-branded under a different name.

Throughout this review I’ll be giving you several reasons why you should completely avoid it!

The Pros & Cons

Even though I know this is a scam I tried to find something good to say about it, but I just couldn’t!

My Home Success PlanPros: 

  • Nothing


  • Link Posting Doesn’t Work
  • Limited Positions Lie
  • Fake News
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Just Like Other Scams
  • It Could Be Anthing

Over the next several sections I’ll be taking the time to explain the points that I just listed out above.

Link Posting Doesn’t Work!

Companies will actually pay you to get people to visit their websites and purchase your products, that part is true.

It’s called affiliate marketing, and there is a lot of money to be made by doing it, I actually make my living online!

The problem is that the method of affiliate marketing that they talk about and use with this system is outdated and doesn’t work.

They basically just teach you to spam your links in various different places over the internet, which simply doesn’t work anymore.

Most people have learned not to click on spam links, and many website will automatically block or delete your links.

There is a right way to do it,

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Limited Positions Lie

Even though the link posting method they talk about doesn’t work, they still try many shady things to convince you to join.

One of the first things they do is tell you that there are only a few positions left, even though it’s a lie!

Limited Positions Lie

They simply tell you that in an attempt to add scarcity to the product, and make it seem like you might miss out.

It’s an old shady sales tactic that you definitely shouldn’t fall for!

No matter how long you wait, or how many people sign up before you, they will always be happy to take your money!

Fake News

Another shady tactic they use to try and get money out of you is claim that news outlets have featured them!

My Home Success Plan Fake

They do this to try and add legitimacy to their training, when it’s all just a big lie!

None of the companies listed in the image above have actually featured them! If they had, you’d be able to find an article or video with a simple Google search.

Not to mention the news video they use is just random “work from home” segments on news channels, but they don’t specifically mention My Home Success Plan!

My Home Success Plan Fake News

Fake Testimonials

I know it can be pretty convincing when you see a bunch of people claiming that a program has worked for them.

That’s exactly why the creators of My Home Success Plan went out of their way to create fake testimonials.

My Home Success Plan Fake Testimonials

All of the testimonials just use fake names, stock images of random people, and complete lies!

Just Like Other Scams

There are many reasons why I know this is a scam, however the main one is the fact that I’ve seen it before.

This is a common scam that circulates under various different names, and on different websites all over the place.

Just take a look at these:

Computers Made Simple Scam Review

Is Online Success Plan A Scam

Computers Made Simple, Online Success Plan, and Home Online Profits are just a few of the ones I’ve reviewed in the past.

They just change up the name and couple other thing then send it out into the world!

It Could Be Anything

I personally didn’t purchase My Home Success Plan because of all of the reasons I listed above.

I did purchase one in the past that was just some outdated training information that didn’t work.

However each one of these websites can give you whatever they want when you pay.

I’ve seen that some people were signed up for MOBE which was a scam that stole millions of dollars from people, but it was recently shutdown.

So who knows what you’ll get if you actually pay the money.

Is My Home Success Plan A Scam?

Like I said, I didn’t actually purchase My Home Success Plan, however I’m still pretty confident that it’s a scam.

They use lies, and misleading information to try and get you to give them your money.

Either you’ll get something that is nothing like what they claim, or you’ll get something that won’t make your money.


You should avoid My Home Success Plan at all costs!

I honestly could’ve listed out several other reasons why you should avoid it, but hopefully the six reasons above were enough!

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