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Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam Or Pyramid Scheme? [Review]

Plexus Worldwide Scam Review

There are many people out there who claim that Plexus Worldwide is an incredible business opportunity. As well as many people out there who claim their products can help you lose weight and become all around healthier.

Will you really be able to make a living selling their products, or will you at least be able to lose weight with them?

Are they just another pyramid scheme with scam products, or are they actually a legitimate MLM?

In this review I’ll be going over everything you need to know about the company before giving them any money.

Let’s get into it!

Plexus Worldwide Scam ReviewPlexus Worldwide Review

Product: Plexus Worldwide


Price: $34.95 +$100/Month

Is Plexus Worldwide A Pyramid Scheme? NO

Is Plexus Worldwide Recommended? NO!


What is Plexus Worldwide?

At it’s core, Plexus is an MLM company that was founded in 2006 and offers a variety of health & wellness products for weight loss and nutrition.

With their business model, anyone can sign up as an independent distributor who make money both by selling products and recruiting other members.

The recruitment aspect of the business model is very controversial and leads many people to call it a pyramid scheme.

Is there any truth to those claims or are they just baseless complaints from people who didn’t like their products or jobs as distributors?

In order to really get an answer to those questions we have to first go over their compensation plan and their products.

Getting Started With Plexus Worldwide

Plexus WorldwideWell before we can get into the different ways you can make money with Plexus, I’ll have to go over the requirements to join.

There is in initial $34.95 sign up fee in order to get started as an Associate.

As an Associate you’ll only be able to purchase the products at wholesale price, not earn commissions from promoting them.

If you want to be able to earn commissions from promoting their products you’ll have to qualify to become an Ambassador!

To become an Ambassador you’ll have to reach 100PV aka Personal Volume.

This means that you’ll either have to either purchase a minimum of $100 in product packages, or have a person under purchasing that same amount.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you’ll have to pay $100 per month in order to stay qualified as an Ambassador.

So to summarize, the expenses are as follows.

  • $34,95 initial sign up fee
  • $100 per month

The Plexus Worldwide Compensation Plan

Now that we know the cost and requirements for becoming an Associate and Ambassador, let’s go over your opportunities to make money.

There are a handful of ways for you to earn money within Plexus, the first of which being the obvious method of purchasing at wholesale price, and reselling at retail for a profit.

If your monthly PV is between 100 to 499.99 you’ll earn 15% commissions on the remaining PV after 100PV monthly deduction.

Once you reach the 500 monthly PV you’ll earn 25% of the remaining PV after monthly 100PV deduction.

So basically if you sell less than $500 worth of products, you’ll earn 15% commissions and if you sell over $500 you’ll earn 25%.

The other ways you can make money are bonuses from things like achieving certain ranks, and helping your downline reach 100PV per month.

Their compensation plan can be quite confusing to people who are new to MLM’s so you can watch this video for a better explanation!

How Good Are Plexus Products?

If you’re going to pay $100 per month for the opportunity to sell a companies products I’m sure you want to at least make sure they are good.

You really wouldn’t want to be a sells associate of sorts for a company with products that are hard to sell.

So what kind of products do they sell?

Well there are 5 different types of products that Plexus sells:

  • Nutrition Supplements
  • Skin Care Products
  • Weight Loss & Management Products
  • Personal Care
  • Combo Packs

I did a good bit of research into how well the public generally feels about their products, and it’s certainly mixed to say the least.

I eventually arrived at the Better Business Bureau website and read through the majority of the 187 customer reviews.

They all seemed to be either 1 star or 5 star reviews which makes sense that they’ve received about a 2.5 out of 5 star rating on their.

So it appears as if most people either hate their products or love them, not much of an in between!

Plexus Worldwide Complaints

While I was on the BBB website I also decided to take a look into some of the complaints that have been made about Plexus.

Well it appears as if at this point in time there have been somewhere around 655+ complaints about them.

After reading through some of them it became apparent that there were 3 main things most of them were about.

  • Billing Issues
  • Problems with Products
  • Problems with Services

Here’s a chart from the website showing the different types of complaints. You’ll see that products & services are grouped together.

Plexus Worldwide Complaints

Let’s go over the main problems that I saw repeated throughout the complaints.

Problems With Billing

I saw quite a few complaints from people claiming that they kept getting unwanted charges that they were unaware of.

Most of them said that they were signed up for automatic monthly renewal without even realizing it when they made a purchase.

A few even went a far as saying that they kept being charged even after they thought they had cancelled it.

Problems With Products

This is a huge negative in my eyes. I saw many, many complaints from customers saying that many of their products negatively affected their health instead of helping it.

These complaints ranged from people getting stomachs, to several abdominal pain and other problems.

A few I saw said that they went to a doctor who told them to stop using the products.

Another thing I want to mention is the fact that a saw a handful of people talking about how the salesperson made unsolicited claims about the product.

One person even claiming the salesperson told them it would cure diseases, and things like depression.

Problems With Services

Most of these seemed to be either related to the salesperson exaggerating and not being completely truthful about the products.

As well as having issues cancelling orders and getting refunds for the automatic charges that they received.

So these kind of tie in with the other complaints listed above.

Is Plexus Worldwide A Pyramid Scheme?

When it comes down to it, Plexus Worldwide cannot be considered a Pyramid Scheme for one main reason.

Their members are not compensated for recruiting other members, they only earn money when an actual product is sold.

Pyramid scheme are basically recruitment schemes where members mainly get paid from getting other people to join.

While there are some similarities between Pyramid schemes and MLM, Pyramid schemes are illegal and MLM’s are not.

Do I Recommend Plexus Worldwide?

I want to first be honest and make sure I put it out there that I rarely ever recommend MLM’s due to the way they are setup.

The multi-level systems just naturally set a high barrier to success because you have to recruit a lot of people to your down line in order to make good money.

They just naturally benefit the people at the top of the levels, and make it hard for the people at the bottom.

With that being said, if you are going to be in an MLM you certainly want one with great products to sell.

While there are a lot of people out there complaining about Plexus products, their business is going strong still.

So does that mean that all of their Ambassadors are making good money?

Plexus Worldwide 2016 Income Statement
Plexus 2016 U.S. Income Disclosure Statement

The above income statement is from 2016 and shows that on average 82.41% of earners make $301 per YEAR!

The percentage of people who make at least what might be considered a full time income ($19,833) is only 1.5%.

I couldn’t find any more recent Income Disclosure Statements however I doubt they would shot much different numbers than this one.


Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam? – Conclusion

No, Plexus Worldwide is certainly not a scam, however I certainly understand why there are people out there who call it one.

You can certainly make money as an ambassador, and as you can see there are some who make a whole lot of money doing it.

It’s just the fact that a majority of the ambassadors make just $301 on average proves that it’s certainly not easy.

If you truly think that you are capable of treating it like a business, putting everything you have into it, and becoming part of that top 1.5%, you might be able to make it a full time job.

However the way I look at it is, if you are going to put that much time and effort into it, why not find a better MLM or just start your own online business?

Why Not Make Money Online?

If you are thinking about joining Plexus, you’re probably looking for one of two things; to make money on the side, or make a full-time income.

In either case, there are easier ways to achieve those goals as compared to joining Plexus.

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Is Plexus Worldwide A Pyramid Scheme Or Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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