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Is A Scam Or Legit? [2022 Review]

The Last System Scam Review

In this quick review of I’ll be going over exactly what it is, and telling you whether its a scam or a legitimate online money making program!

Will you really be able to generate $3,725 per month, or are they just saying that to get your money?

Is the system really completely automated or are you going to have to put in a ton of work to succeed with it?

I’ll be answering those questions, and many more within this review, so stick around!


The Last System Scam Review!

The Last System Review

Product: The Last System

Creator: Kelly Konska (fake)

Price: $17-$47 (Plust Upsells)


Is The Last System A Scam? Probably

Is The Last System Recommended? No!


What Is The Last System?

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat.

What The Last System claims to be and what it actually is are two completely different things.

Let’s go over what it claims to be.

The Last System claim to be a completely automatic system that will bring you in thousands of dollars in commissions every month.

They claim that all you have to do is buy it, click “build”, follow some simple instructions, and watch you commissions grow.

They are basically saying, “give us your money, click a few times, then become rich.”

Doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

Well unfortunately it is.

What The Last System Actually Is

In reality The Last System is just a get-rich-quick scheme that is going to nothing but disappoint you after shelling out your money.

I’ve been making money online for 7 years now, I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making programs, and I can promise that automated systems do not exist.

If it really was possible to make a few clicks, then sit back and watch thousands of dollars enter your bank account, everyone would be doing it.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot of money to be made online.

It just takes a good amount of time, and effort to make it work.

As great as it would be to have a software that did everything for you, it’s just not something that is real.

The Pros & Cons

While I honestly feel like it’s a waste of time to make this section, I’ll go ahead and do it anyway.


  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Unrealistic Claims
  • Fake Creator
  • Up-sells
  • The Disclaimer

Now let’s take a little bit of time to go over the points listed above.

Don’t Buy It!

Normally I would take the time to dedicate an entire section to each of the points I listed out in the pros and cons.

However this sales page and system are such scams that I’m just going to summarize it here.

Unrealistic Claims: Claims like “completely automatic” and “no hard work needed” are just “buzz” phrases meant to get your attention.

Everyone wants to make money automatically without doing any work. However that’s not how the world works.

Those are just claims that scams make to get your money!

Fake Creator: A lot of scams like these will make up fake names and use fake pictures for obvious reasons.

Kelly Konska is a made up name, and the picture used for her is just a stock photo pulled from a random image website.

Up-sells: After spending the $17-$47 to purchase the “system” you will be told to make several other purchases in order to set up the system properly.

The $17-$47 is just the low price to get your foot in the door.

The Disclaimer: If you take a second to scroll down to the bottom of the sales page and read the disclaimer, you’ll find something very interesting.

You’ll find the sentence: “typical results are $0 due to not practicing what the system teaches”

Typical results are $0…

How can they claim the system is automatic and super easy, while simultaneously saying no one makes money or can follow it properly?

Is The Last System A Scam?

I’m a very lenient reviewer, and I honestly hate calling system scams, however I would consider The Last System to be a scam.

Scam Logo

The sales page basically gives you lie after lie just try and get you to give them your money.

There is no such thing as an automatic money making system.

If you purchase The Last System, you are just going to be disappointed, and regret ever giving them your money.

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