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TubeSync Review – Is It Worth It?


If you are thinking about purchasing TubeSync you might want to read through my review of it first.

I’ll be going into detail about everything they offer and letting you know whether I think it is worth the purchase or not.

TubeSync Review

Name: TubeSync

Founder: Abhi Dwivedi and Paul Blitz


Price: $37 + Up-sells

Conclusion: Decent

What is TubeSync?

TubeSync is a YouTube back up service that will automatically save your videos, channel information, meta data, comments, likes and various other information as well.

It is a cloud based service that saves all of the information from your YouTube account just in case something happens to it. (It’s deleted or banned or something)

Pros and Cons

For the most part this seems like a good product and definitely isn’t a scam, however there are a few cons that you need to keep in mind.


  • Automatically backup new videos
  • Simple to learn
  • Can be helpful to some
  • Decent price


  • Only 100 videos per account
  • Not everyone needs it
  • You will still lose subscribers if banned
  • You still must resolve the issue with YouTube if banned

The Up-Sells

Once you purchase the product you will be offered several up-sell options in the form of upgrades.

Here are the different upgrades you will be offered.

You may find some of these offers useful, but it will all depend on your personal needs.

My Personal Thoughts

TubeSync cloud service may actually be useful to for those of you who have larger numbers of YouTube subscribers.

If you make quite a bit of money off of YouTube you may want to back up your videos just in case they are deleted.

However you should keep in mind that this does not resolve all of your issues if your account is banned.

If you are banned, you can of course re-upload all of the deleted videos, but you will lose all of your subscribers, and views.

Not to mention you may even be deleted again if you upload the same videos that got you removed in the first place.


It is up to each of you to read through the offer and decide for yourself if this is something that you need.

Overall TubeSync is a

software if you are someone who wants to insure the well being of your YouTube Videos.

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