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Is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System A Scam? [Honest Review]

Is Laptop Lifestyle Secret A Scam?

In this review of Jeff’s 6 Figure Business I’ll be going over what you need to know before buying, and answering the question “Is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System A Scam?”

I’ve run across this program so many times in the past that it’s been long over due for a review!

Is Laptop Lifestyle Secret A Scam?Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System Review

Product: Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System

Creator: Jeff Lerner

Price: $39/Month + Expensive Up-sells

Is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System A Scam? Not Really

Is It Recommended? No!


What Is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System?

It’s an online money making training program that claims to be able to help you earn a 6 figure yearly salary online.

It gives you access to various training and tools that will help you make money online.

It is sold under many different names online including Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle, Laptop Lifestyle secret, and 16 Steps to Six Figures.

No matter which one of those you buy, you will be getting access to the exact same system.

So is the system really as great as they claim it is, and will you be able to make any money at all?

Let’s dive deeper into the system!

The Pros And Cons

Let’s go over some of the good and bad things you need to know about the system before buying it.


  • Decent Marketing Training
  • You Can Make Money With They System


  • Lot’s Of Misleading Info Out There About It
  • Intentionally Left Out Information
  • Incredibly Expensive Up-sells
  • Low Success Rate

Over the next few sections I’ll be going over exactly what I mean with the points listed above.

The Training & Tools


What is Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle

If you decide to purchase into the program you will be given access to some decent training and tools.

  • Traffic/Lead Generation
  • Split-testing and conversion optimization
  • Products and Services to market
  • Sales Funnel and well-defined sales process
  • Billing and Receivables
  • Merchant Processing
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Technology/Servers/Websites/Hosting
  • Fulfillment on Products and Services
  • Account management/long term relationship building
  • Time management, daily methods of operations, habits

It is possible to make money online if you follow their steps, and use the tools that they provide.

However there are still other things you need to know before jumping in and buying it.

Lot’s Of Misleading Info Out There

Depending on where you first heard about Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System, you may have different expectation of it.

There are a lot of websites out there that like to promote the system, however they do it unethically.

They will lie to you and mislead you about what to expect when you purchase it.

Many times they will claim that you’ll start making like $3,000 a day right away.

Or that it’s an automatic system where everything it already done for you.

When both of those are complete lies. You will have to do a lot of consistent work, and it will take time before you start making a lot of money.

If you do at all.

Low Success Rate

If you are on a sales page for this system you should be able to find a link that says “Earnings Disclaimer”

If you click on it you should be taken to a page that shows the success rates, and money that their members make.

what is ultimate laptop lifestyle

As you can see in the image above, 40.7% of their active members make less than $100 each month. Not to mention the fact that it only includes active members, and not the people who signed up and already quit.

A low success rate isn’t that bad because a lot of people will join, and then not do the work that is required to succeed. However the problem that I have is that many of those people were mislead into joining, and didn’t realize how much money that were going to have to spend.

Incredibly Expensive Up-sells

This is hands down the biggest problem that I have with this system.

The fact that you will have to shell out literally thousands of dollars, and they don’t mention that until you’ve already paid the entry fee to get in the door.

This Is How It Works

The training that they provide will teach you how to turn around and sell the same system you just paid for to other people. Then you will earn a commission when you get other people to sign up and pay.

You know those $1,000 – $3,000+ commissions that their members make? Well they made those by getting other people to purchase Jeff’s other more expensive products. The problem is that they had to buy them first, and so will you.

If you want to make $1,000 commissions, you’ll have to pay much more than that to be able to; and if you want to make a $3,000 commission, you’ll have to shell out several thousand dollars for the opportunity.

The main problem I have is that they conveniently leave out the fact that you have to spend all of this money. They make it seem like you just have to pay $49 in order to make all of the money that they brag about.

When in fact you will have to spend much much more.

Is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System A Scam?

Personally I do not consider Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System A Scam, however it still makes my list of

Not Recommended

Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who will make good money with this system. However the average person paying for it will not.

If you have a lot of money to put up, and are already an experience online marketer, then by all means go ahead and give it a try.

However if you are a beginner trying to make some money online without shelling out thousands, then I have another recommendation for you.

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The simple truth is that there are other places out there to get better training and tools, for a much cheaper price.

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