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Is Job Bravo A Scam? Yes, Yes It Is…

Is Job Bravo A Scam?

In this review of Job Bravo I’ll be giving you everything you need to know about it and answer the question “Is Job Bravo a Scam?.”

Is Job Bravo A Scam?Job Bravo Review

Product: Job Bravo

Creator: N/A


Price: Free

Verdict: SCAM!


What Is Job Bravo?

Job Bravo claims to be a leading online advertising company that claims you can make money by referring others with your referral links.

The idea is that you will get others to sign up by sharing your links with them on social media, websites, forums and various other places.

They claim that you will earn $5 for just signing up, and then get $2 for every other person that you get to sign up as well.

How The Job Bravo Scam Works

I know when you originally go to sign up for it that you don’t think you have anything to lose because it’s free.

Well there is some stuff you can lose and explain that to you now.

When you created your free account you put in a username and a password.

Do you use that same password for anything else?

Perhaps do you use it for the PayPal account that you entered in when they asked for it to give you money.

That’s what they do, when you give them your PayPal email that will try to log into it with the password that you used for your free account.

If you did make the mistake of doing this, I would suggest changing your password immediately.

As well as the password for any other account you created with the same email and password combination.

You Won’t Get Paid

I know that it seems great, and it is exciting to see the money grow in your account as you get people to sign up.

However once you get over that $50 threshold, you won’t get that money when you try to withdraw it.

I know you’ve probably seen screenshots of people’s accounts with hundreds of dollars in it, but that is most-likely just from their account on Job Bravo itself.

I guarantee you that you won’t find anyone who has actually had any money deposited into their PayPal or bank account.


I know that you got your hopes up when you first heard about Job Bravo, who wouldn’t be excited to make money by doing something so easy.

To answer the question “Is Job Bravo A Scam?” yes, yes it is in fact a


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