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Lifetime Income Generator Review: Is it a Scam?

In this quick review of Lifetime Income Generator I will getting into whether I believe the system can actually generate you an income for the rest of your life, or if it is to a scam to take your money.

What is Lifetime Income Generator

By purchasing Lifetime Income Generator you are given the rights to sell several products, including LIG itself.

When you purchase it you are given training videos that walk you through basically how to setup the very same page that you purchased the product from.

The idea behind it is you setup your very own capture pages where you can resell the items that you just purchased.

Here are the times that you will receive if you purchase Lifetime Income Generator:

Will It Make You a Lifetime Income?

In all honesty, it is possible to make money through the use of this program.

However there are several problems with it that I will lay out in this section.

Won’t work forever:

This system may be able to make you some money in the short term if you are able to set it up, but it is not a good way to create an income online that will last a lifetime.

Which is kind of ironic if you ask me because it is called Lifetime Income Generator after all.

The products that you’re selling will go out of date rather soon.


There will be competition out there for the exact same products, but that’s not the whole problem.

The main problem is that the products that you get from purchasing, which are the products you will be reselling, can all be found elsewhere completely free.

That’s right. Everything that you get for the $18 can be found free elsewhere, which might make it difficult to sell.

Falls between experience:

What does that even mean?

Well it simply means that the system will most-likely be a bit difficult for newbies to implement, and not worth the hassle for experienced marketers.

There are a lot better ways to make money online, this process is small scale solution that might make you a little cash.

Whereas if you are looking to make a living online, you might want to look elsewhere.

Is Lifetime Income Generator a Scam?

In my opinion Lifetime Income Generator is not a scam but it seems like a

You can find all of the information and products that they offer in other places on the internet for completely free.

Sending traffic to sales pages is not a new or original idea, and I do not believe that you should pay $18 for it.


Lifetime Income Generator will most likely not generate you a lifetime income, but it is possible it will make you some extra cash online if you are able to implement the system correctly.

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