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Paid In Circles Review: It’s Real Alright…

Paid In Circles Review

In this review of Paid In Circles I’ll be telling you why it’s real… a real scam that is.

Paid In Circles ReviewPaid In Circles Review

Product: Paid In Circles

Creator: Unknown


Price: $0/$7

Verdict: Scam!


What Is Paid In Circles?

Well before I even jump into this review I just want to make sure you know that it is a scam.

It’s really that simple.

The idea behind it is that you pay a $7 fee to enter into the system and you are able to make money by getting others to join.

There is no product, all of the money comes from people joining the system

How Paid In Circles Claims To Work

As I explained earlier, the idea behind it is basically you pay to join, and you get money when you get a certain number of other people to join.

Here’s the breakdown:

When you pay the $7 to join you will be put in a circle that consists of both a 2×1 and a 4×1.

If you visualize a pyramid you will be able to make sense of this a little better.

In a 2×1 there is one person at the top, and 2 people are placed underneath them.

Similarly in a 4×1, one person is at the top with 4 people under them.

You are the person at the top and you get people to sign up for the $7 and that money is split within your matrix.

According to them this will solve all of your money problems and the problems of everyone involved.

Wouldn’t that be nice.

Paid In Circles

The Truth Behind Paid In Circles

Paid In Circles has a bunch of other claims in order to try and make it seem like less of a scam.

They claim that member will advertise and sell products, and they can be shipped to 160 countries.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matter is getting other to join the bogus community.

That’s why they offer bonus for getting people to sign up.

At some point the people who have paid to join will realize that they aren’t making any money and stop recruiting others.

When that happens a chain reaction will be triggered and the entire system will collapse.

Then the creators will try to restart it with the same name or maybe a different one.

These scams are all over the internet.


If you join the “community” you will spend all of your time hyping up this system to your friends and family on Facebook.

They will probably end up getting annoyed or mad at you, and the ones who do join will be disappointed.

If you give them your email address they will constantly try to market stuff you and get you to join other scams.

All in all, Paid In Circles is a

ScamNothing good will come from it.

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