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GreatJob.Online & PayingJob.Club Are The Same Scam! [MUST READ]

In this must read review I’ll be going over exactly why you should avoid both and GreatJob.Online.

Not only are they the exact same website visually, but they are the exact same scam!

You Won’t Get Paid!

Paying Job Club Scam ReviewGreat Job Online & Paying Job Club Review

Products: Great Job Online & Paying Job Club

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Price: Free To Join

Are Great Job Online & Paying Job Club Scam? YES!


What Is Great Job Online & Paying Job Club?

Great Job Online and Paying Job Club are two separate websites/ programs that happen to be the exact same scam.

What do I mean by that?

Well they both look exactly the same, make the exact same claims, and both fail to pay their members the money they deserve!

Those are the reasons why I’m writing about both of them in a joint review!


The Pros & Cons

Let’s take a minute to list out the good and bad things about each of these programs.

Paying Job ClubPros:

  • They’re Free To Join


  • They’re The Same Scam
  • They Have Your Information
  • It’s Possible To Lose Money
  • You Won’t Get Paid

Over the next few sections I’ll be going into detail about all of the things you need to know about these websites.

They’re The Same Scam!

Like a said in the beginning, both of these websites are exact the same just with different names.

They both claim that you can make $25 for joining, and $5 for each person that you get to join, however those are both lies.

I know you won’t get paid because I’ve already written several reviews for other websites that are exactly like these two, and they didn’t pay out!

Best Cash Job Scam Review Salary Daily Scam Review

Best Cash Job, Salary Daily, Dollars True, and Coin 4 Job are just a few of them!

Your Info & Money Is In Danger

The entire purpose of all of these scams is to get the emails, names, addresses and passwords from as many people as they possibly can.

That’s why they claim that you’ll get money for joining, and money from getting other to join.

If you created an account and gave them your information, the first thing you need to do is change the passwords of any accounts that use that email and password combination.

You’ll want to start with any bank accounts, PayPal accounts, or accounts that have access to any of your money.

Also be aware that you will most-likely be receiving a bunch of scam emails claiming that you can make a ton of money.

You Won’t Get Paid

Great Job Online PaymentAs I’ve mentioned several times before in this review, unfortunately you won’t get the money that you earned.

There are several ways that they will dodge giving you your money.

They will either claim that you violated terms of service and close your account, or they will try to get you to jump through hoops before blocking you.

Be careful, many of these scams will claim that you can only get your money after you sign up for various services. Many times that will mean that you’ll spend money, and then you still won’t get paid.

Websites like Seven Dollar Click will even make you pay a membership fee of hundreds of dollars, then they will block you and not give a refund!

Are Great Job Online And Paying Job Club Scam?

Even though you don’t have to pay any money, the fact that you’ll be wasting your time, and not get paid for it makes these two “programs” scams!


You don’t have to trust my word. You can still go out and promote these websites, just don’t be surprised when you don’t get paid. Also don’t forget to change the passwords for any accounts that use the email address you gave them.

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Is Great Job Online A Scam? Is Paying Job Club A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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