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Real Money Streams Review: Is it a Scam?

In this review of Real Money Streams I will be digging into what this product actually is, letting you know if I think it is worth the money, and whether I believe it is a scam or not.

If you are thinking about purchasing this “program” you may want to read through this review first.

What is Real Money Streams?

Real Money Streams is a product created by Chris Johnson that claims to include a system that earns him $7,293 a month.

He claims that he will help you find awesome jobs from across the internet that allow you to work when you want, from the comfort of your own home, and make thousands of dollars a month.

Now being able to work online from home and make thousands of dollars a month is absolutely possible, but Real Money Streams is not going to help you accomplish that.

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What is it Really?

There is a huge difference between what RMS claims to be and what it actually is.

So what is it actually?

It is a poorly, and quickly put together product that was made by someone who makes their money online by creating dozens of crappy products like this one just so he can make some money.

The information in this product is basically just some information about websites that allow you to make money online.

You can literally find that information for free online by just searching for it.

These sites include, paid-surveys, free lance writing, and other things like that.

Save your money and do a simple search in Google to find these things out.

You can make money online in the ways that he points out, but you will not make thousands of dollars a month by taking a few surveys here or there.

Don’t get too discouraged, you can make thousands of dollars online by only working an hour or two a day, but it takes time and effort before you will see the rewards.

I’ll get into that a little more later.

Is There Anything Good About It?

Here are the pros and cons of RMS, as you can tell there isn’t much good to be said about it.


  • You get some information


  • The information can be found elsewhere for free
  • The information is not very useful
  • Marketing similar to other scams
  • Up-Sells

The Up-sells

You ever wonder why this Chris offers so many discounts?

It doesn’t really matter how much you pay for the first product because once you get it, they are going to offer you more expensive products that you need to “make more money.”

It’s psychology, if you spend a little bit of money on one product, you’ve made a commitment.

Why wouldn’t you spend a bit more to speed up your earning process.

Well I hate to break it to you, but the up-sells that they offer are just as much crap as the original.

There are three up-sells to this product

  • First: $47/a month
  • Second: $17/a month
  • Third: $17/ a month

Keep in mind that these are monthly fees, and you can quickly lose hundreds of dollars if you sign up for them and don’t cancel.

They also lower all of the prices if you try to leave the page in an attempt to trigger a purchase response from you.

Don’t fall for it.


Real Money Streams offers little value for the money that you would be paying for it.

It is all information that you can find elsewhere on the internet for completely free.

That is why in my opinion RMS is a…


and it should be completely avoided.

How I Make My Living Online

I am writing this post from my couch, wrapped in my blanket.

It is possible to achieve the level of income that RMS claims but it takes a bit of time, effort and know how.

I learned everything I know about making money online from Wealthy Affiliate and it was absolutely free to get started.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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