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Is Automated Income Method A Scam? [Honest Review]

Automated Income Method Scam

In this quick review of Automated Income Method I’ll be going over exactly what it is and telling you if it is a scam or not!

Automated Income Method ScamAutomated Income Method Review

Product: Automated Income Method

Creator: Richard Paul


Price: $97

Is Automated Income Method A Scam? Debatable (I’ll Explain)

Is Automated Income Method Recommended? NO!


What Is Automated Income Method?

Automated Income Method claims that you will be able to make an insane amount of money online with their system.

They even go as far as claiming that you’ll be able to make $500 for simply watching all the way through their sales video.

Well I can promise you right now that you certain won’t get $500 for watching the video.

However I want to jump in and find out just how many of their claims are true, and how many of them are false.

The Pros And Cons

It’s seems to be helpful when I list out the good and bad things about a program that I’m reviewing.

Automated Income Method Scam ReviewPros:

  • Possible to make some money


  • Just Like Other “schemes”
  • Complete Lies & Misinformation
  • Many Scam Sales Tactics
  • Incredibly Expensive (more than $97)

Over the next few sections I’ll be going a bit more in depth about what I exactly I mean with those points.

What Automated Income Method Really Is

One thing I want to make clear is that Automated Income Method doesn’t really exist.

It’s just a catching name that someone made up to get your attention, so that they could try to get you to sign up for another program.

The program they are trying to get you to sign up for is called Aspire, which is the first step into the Digital Altitude program.

I’ll go a bit more in detail about what that is in a little bit.

However right now I just want you to realize that AIM is just one of many similar websites that try to lie and mislead you into joining Aspire.

Just look are this sales page for a “program” called Instant Success System, it’s exactly the same.

Instant Success system Scam

Some other similar ones are $500 Cash Club, 7 Figure Breakthrough, and Simple Income Solution.

Complete Lies & Misinformation

One thing that I want to make clear is that most of the claims they make on this sales page are lies.

Like I mentioned before, you’re certainly not going to get $500 for just completing the video.

I’m sure you weren’t really expecting that.

However it’s also important to know that it’s not an automatic system, and you will actually have to put in a lot of work if you want it to work.

In this next section I’ll be pointing out bunch of the other misleading things they do to try to get your money.

Scam Sales Tactics

Even though it is technically possible for you to make money with the system, they still use scam like sales tactics.

High Income Claims

The claim and boast about how you’ll make $5,000 to $10,000 a week is very misleading.

There are people out there who make that much money with the system, however there is a catch that I’ll get into later.

Limited Spots AvailableAutomated Income Method Limited Positions

They claim that there are only 8 spots left to join, even though they will take your money no matter how many people signed up before you.

$500 Lie

Like I said earlier, you aren’t going to ever see that $500. They just say that so you’ll watch the video.

Featured On “lie”Automated Income Method Lie

They try to suggest that they’ve been featured on various news outlets. Which simply just isn’t true.

What You Need To Know About The Real System

Digital Altitude AspireLike I mentioned before, the real product they are trying to get you to buy is called Aspire.

Which is a real program that you can actually follow to make real money online. However it’s not as great as they make it out to seem.

You will have to put in a considerable amount of work, which is to be expected if you want to actually make money online.

However here’s the main thing that you need to understand.

Aspire is just the first step into a system known as Digital Altitude; which is an MLM.

You have to move up the various levels in order to get all of the training they offer, and for the ability to make more money.

Here’s the catch.

You have to pay to move up each level, and each level gets more and more expensive as you go.

The levels range from $595 all the way up to $27,997, and the ones in between are a few thousand to 10’s of thousands of dollars.

If you have that type of money then you can possibly consider joining.

Is Automated Income Method A Scam?

In my opinion, programs like Automated Income Method are scams because they don’t exist, and they mislead and lie about what you’ll be buying.



However I do not consider Apire/Digital Altitude to be a scam. With that being said, it is still something that I do not recommend to very many people out there.

Most people who join their system fail, and throw away a whole bunch of money when they do.

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Is Automated Income Method A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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Is 500 Cash Club A Scam? Guaranteed $500? [Review]

Is 500 Cash Club A Scam

In this review of 500 Cash club I’ll be telling what you need to know before buying it, and answering the question “Is 500 Cash Club A Scam?”

Is 500 Cash Club A Scam$500 Cash Club Review

Product: $500 Cash Club

Creator: Richard Paul


Price: $97 + thousands in up-sells

Is 500 Cash Club A Scam? Basically

Is 500 Cash Club Recommended? NO!


What Is $500 Cash Club?

$500 Cash Club claims to be an online money making system that will make you thousands and thousands of dollars!

They claim that as long as you simply watch the 500 second video you’ll make a guaranteed $500.

Is there any truth to anything they’re saying, or is the entire sales video a complete lie for a complete scam program?

Before we get started I want give you a chance to learn about the program that’s helped me make a living online!


Let’s Dive in and find out!

The Pros And Cons

I always try to be as fair as I possibly can to each program I review and find something good about them.

Is 500 Cash Club A ScamPros:

  • You POSSIBLY make some money


  • A Bunch Of Lies
  • It Doesn’t Really Exist
  • Expensive Up-sells

Now I’ll be taking a little bit of time to explain just exactly what I mean with each of those points.

A Bunch Of Lies

One of the first things I want to point out to you is all of the misleading information and straight up lies on this sales page.

First off you absolutely are not going to make $500 for just watching a stupid sales video.

I hope you weren’t too disappointed at that and weren’t really expecting to get $500 that easily.

I’m sure the main thing that you really want to know is if you can actually make a ton of money online with the system.

Well it’s actually possible.

But that brings me to my next point. The $500 Cash Club doesn’t really exist.

It Doesn’t Really Exist!

I’m sure you’re a little bit confused by this. I mean how can you possibly make money with a system that doesn’t actually exist.

Let me explain.

$500 Cash Club is simply a funnel page that is meant to direct you to another online money making program.

Right now it directs you and makes you pay for a system called Aspire!

However it could honestly make you sign up for any program or scam that they want.

After doing some research I’ve actually found out that the program that they direct you to has changed a couple of times in the past!

Let’s go over exactly what Aspire is!

The Expensive Up-sells

Simple Profit Secret ScamAspire is a program that you can actually make money online with, however I don’t recommend it.

The reason I don’t recommend you sign up for it is because the $97 entrance fee you’ll be paying is just the beginning.

Aspire is what’s known as a high-ticket-program.

When you sign up they’ll basically be teaching you how to get other people to sign up and purchase expensive items.

You’ll get paid if you get people to buy those items, but only if you buy them first!

The items that you’ll be buying and then reselling cost thousands of dollars going all the way up to $27,997!

You’ll also have to pay membership fees that range from $37/month all the way up to $127/month.

If you have that type of money to shell out in order to make more money, you can be my guest.

However I don’t think that is realistic for most people.

Is $500 Cash Club A Scam?

It is honestly up to you to decide if $500 Cash Club is a scam.

In my opinion however it is a


They mislead you and lie about so many different things that I consider it to be a scam.

Yes you can make money with Aspire, however there is no guarantee that’s what you’ll be paying for. Like I said earlier, they’ve changed the program that you’ll be signing up for in the past.

Here are some similar scams that I’ve reviewed: 7 Figure Breakthrough, Simple Income Solution, and Simple Profit Secret!

What I Recommend

If you are serious about making money online, and what a legitimate way to do it without a bunch of hype and lies; you might want to pay attention.

It is absolutely possible to make good money online without having to shell out a ton of money on products that you don’t even need.

I know that it’s possible because I’ve made enough money online to quit my job and work entirely from home!

Anyone can succeed at it as long as they get access to the proper training, tools and support.

My Top Recommended Program allows you to get started with all three of those things completely free of charge!

What Do You Think About $500 Cash Club? Do You Consider It A Scam? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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