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Secret Investor Society Is A Scam! Here’s Why! [Review]

Secret Investor Society Scam Review

In this review of Secret Investor Society I’ll be going over several reasons why you should completely avoid this scam!

Will you actually be able to make anywhere near the $2,301 per day that they claim?

Let’s dive and find out!

Secret Investor Society Scam ReviewSecret Investor Society Review

Product: Secret Investor Society


Price: $250 Minimum Deposit

Is Secret Investor Society A Scam?

Is Secret Investor Society Recommended? No!


What Is Secret Investor Society?

Secret Investor Society claims to be a system that will help you make a ton of money online by flipping advertisements.

They claim that you’ll be able to easily make a minimum of $3,500 each an everyday within the first 45 days.

Apparently it was created by a man name Simon Green who supposedly found a groundbreaking method for making money with advertisements.

In reality this is just a massive scam that is trying to get as much money out of you as it possibly can.

How Secret Investor Society Claims To Work

The sales video is around 20 minutes long, and it barely even goes into detail about how the system actually works.

You’re told that all you have to do is create an account, purchase a cheap ad, and resell it for more money once it’s doing good.

I guess on the surface this might sound legit to someone who doesn’t know anything about making money online.

However the truth is that this is simply non sense, and “ad flipping” isn’t actually a way to make money online.

How The Secret Investor Society Scam Works

In the video “Simon” claims that the system is completely free so there is absolutely no way for you to get scammed.

Secret Investor SocietyWell that couldn’t be further from the truth.

After creating a trading account, they’ll tell you that all you have to do is make a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading with.

However the odds are that you’ll never see that money again after you give it to them.

This exact scam has been going around for quite a while now, just under different names like Free Ad Cash System and Bitcoin Advertising.

It’s also important for you to know that it doesn’t stop at $250.

The account you sign up for will add fake money to your fake account to convince you that you’re making money.

Then they will try to convince you to invest even more money to increase your profits.

In reality you won’t be able to cash out any of the money that you “made” or even the original money you put in!

Proof That It’s A Scam!

If you still aren’t convinced that this is a scam, I want to take a few minutes to give you several red flags that you need to know.

Unrealistic Income Claims

While it is certainly possible to make good money online (I even make my living online) it actually takes plenty of time and effort.

The idea that you can start making thousands of dollars a day right off the bat is simply ridiculous!

Secret Investor Society Income Claims

Any system that tells you that it’s possible to do that is simply a get-rich-quick scheme that most-likely will never make you money.

Limited Positions Lie

Secret Investor Society LiesThis is something that I see scams use all of the time to try to get you to sign up.

They claim that there are only a couple of positions left to add a false sense of urgency.

They want you to think that you might miss out if you wait to long to sign up.

Hopefully you found this article before you gave them any of your money!

Fake Testimonials

One thing that might’ve made you think that Secret Investor Society was real is the video testimonials.

It’s always comforting to hear other people say that they’ve succeed with a certain program.

However in this case the people in the video testimonials are paid actors that I’ve seen in countless other scams.

Secret Investor SocietyGet Paid 1k Per Day Scam

Is Secret Investor Society A Scam? – Conclusion

Secret Investor Society is a get-rich-quick scam that was setup in order to get as much money out of you as possible, without giving you anything in return.

They force you to give them your phone number so that a salesman/scammer can call you and try to convince you to give them money.

Don’t listen to anything they say, and certainly don’t give them any money.

Scam Logo

I truly hope that this article has convinced you to avoid Secret Investor Society and not give them any money.

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