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Is Social Profimatic A Ponzi Scheme Or Scam? [Quick Review]

Social Profimatic Scam Review

In this quick review of Social Profimatic I’ll be telling you what you need to know before you invest any money with them.

Will you actually be able to make $200/day automatically?

Let’s dive in and find out!

Social Profimatic Scam ReviewSocial Profimatic Review

Product: Social Profimatic


Price: Investment

Is Social Profimatic A Scam? Yes!

Is Social Profimatic Recommended? No!


What Is Social Profimatic?

Social Profimatic claims to be an online money making opportunity that will allow you to make back 8% of the money you invest everyday.

So basically, they claim that if you invest $1,000 into their system, they will pay you $80 per day for it. Which is similar to what many people make from their full time job.

They claim that when you invest money, their system automatically puts the money into their social media businesses and creates a profit.

Is that really how this system works, or are they actually keeping something from you?

My guess is that they are…

The Pros & Cons

To make it easier for you to decide whether you want to invest in this place I want to list out both the good and bad things about it.

Social ProfimaticPros:

  • Some People Will Make Money


  • It’s Most-likely A Ponzi Scheme
  • No guarantee that you’ll get your money back
  • Already reports that they aren’t paying out
  • No information about the company

Throughout the rest of the review I’ll be hitting on all of the points that I just listed out above.

How Social Profimatic Actually Works

If you are someone who has never made money online before, or is new to the idea Social Profimatic might seem legit.

You simply invest some money into their social media marketing business and you will earn 8% of that money back each day.

However I’m not new to this, and I see systems like this pop up all of the time. What they tell you is going on the background isn’t really what’s happening.

The truth is that this appears to be a ponzi scheme and there simply isn’t a social media business bringing in money.

When you “invest” in their business they are taking your money and using it to pay the people who have already “invested” in the past.

Of course there is no way to prove this without seeing their book keeping, and seeing where the money is actually coming from and going.

However in my opinion it is pretty obvious.

They don’t even mention the name of their business, or show any type of proof that they are legitimate. There isn’t even a place for people to put in orders for traffic or anything else anywhere on the website.

The Risks Of Joining Social Profimatic

I’m not going to lie, it is possible to make money with Ponzi schemes like this one, but there is a reason why they are illegal.

If you are using money from new members to pay old members there will always be a group of people who don’t get paid. (the last people to join)

With schemes like this, at some point there won’t be enough new members to pay all of the past members who join.

Once that happens basically everyone will stop getting paid. The question is will that happen before or after you earn your investment back?

If you’re thinking about investing I highly recommend you don’t because I’ve already seen reports that they’ve already stopped paying out all together and are just keeping all of the new investments.

No Information

If you still aren’t convinced to stay away from this place I just want you to take a minute to think about it.

There is absolutely no information given out to you about them.

Who is behind it? What is the name of the company? How will you contact them if you don’t get your money back?

What happens if their website suddenly goes offline tonight? There will be absolutely no way for you to find anything out about what happened to your investment.

Is Social Profimatic A Ponzi Scheme Or Scam?

Like I said earlier, there is no way to prove that it’s a ponzi scheme without actually looking at their cash flow.

With that being said, in my opinion it is pretty obvious that that’s what it appears to be.

Not Recommended

Regardless of whether it’s a Ponzi sheme or scam, this place is simply not trust worthy enough to invest your money in.

They are not a legitimate business, and they could easily disappear overnight with all of the money that you invest.

What I Do Recommend

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Is Social Profimatic A Scam? Is It A Ponzi Scheme? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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