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Is Steal My System A Scam? Quick Review

In this review of Steal My System I will be going into detail about what the program is, what it offers, and telling you whether I believe it is a scam or not.

What Is Steal My System?

Steal My System claims to be a newly revealed system that will teach you how to turn $9 into $3000 in a day, and then duplicate that every single day.

That’s honestly the only information that they give.

They just simply state that they have some type of secret system that you can steal from them, but online when you give them the $9.95 they are asking for it.

What Is it Really?

Honestly I got a little confused while I was researching and trying to figure out what this program really is.

The information that they give you on the home page and in the video is limited to claims of being able to make you rich.

This is one of the biggest scam red flags for any online program.

Any system that doesn’t tell you exactly what it does and what it’s about is something that you should always avoid.

It’s Really For Cash Finder System

As it turns out, Steal My System is just a sales page for what ever the newest scam system the creator decides to promote.

I’ll explain…

Steal My System isn’t really a system at all.  It’s just a capture page that was created in order to get you interested.

That’s the main reason why it never says what you will be doing or how you will be making money on the main page.

It just says that you can make tons of money, then when you get interested enough to click to learn more, you are redirected to a random scam program that they want you to sign up for.

At this point in time it is the Cash Finder System. Which is another scam on it’s own.

What Is Cash Finder System?

In short, Cash Finder System is not a complete scam, however it is incredibly shady.

Cash Finder System doesn’t even match up with the claims of Steal My System.

The end price for it is $99, which is much more expensive than the $9.95.

Click here if you would like to read more about Cash Finder System.

Red Flags

This so called system is riddled with red flags that just scream out scam!

  • No info about what you will be doing
  • High income claims (making $3000 everyday)
  • Fast income claims(make $3000 your first day)
  • $9.95 drop to $1.95 if you try to leave

These are just a few of the major ones that I found.


Copy My System is a complete


After doing research on it I found out that it is just a sales page that will redirect you to whatever scam program is popular at the time you view it.

You will not make the money that they are claiming and you will just lose the cash that you invest in it.

Do not give them your information and do not purchase anything that they are offering.

Legitimately Make Money Online

Although many of the programs that claim you can make money online are scams.

It is actually possible to make money online. I make my full living on the internet.

If you would like to read about where I learned how to make a living online, I suggest you read about My #1 Recommended Program!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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