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Ultimate Online Success Plan Scam: $500 Guaranteed? [Honest Review]

Is Ultimate Online Success Plan a scam

In this Ultimate Online Success Plan review I’ll be going over what it is, and telling you if it’s a scam!

Is Ultimate Online Success Plan a scamUltimate Online Success Plan Review

Product: Ultimate Online Success Plan

Creator: Jordan Daniels


Price: $97

Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam? Basically

Is It Recommended? NO!


What Is Ultimate Online Success Plan?

The sales video for UOSP claims that you’ll have truck loads of cash deposited into your bank account each and everyday.

They claim that when you purchase into the program you’ll receive a “millionaire website” that will automatically bring in a ton of money.

If you’ve clicked on this review it’s probably because your suspicious that this is all too good to be true.

What Ultimate Online Success Plan Really Is!

I honestly hate to be the one to break it to you, but UOSP isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be.

It’s just a very misleading sales tactic to try to get you to sign up to whatever program is popular right now.

You aren’t going to be getting $500 just for watching the video, and the website they give you won’t rake in cash automatically.


The Pros And Cons

No matter how bad a scam is I always try to be fair and list out both good and bad things about it.


  • You could possibly make SOME money


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • No Millionaire Website
  • Paid Actors
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Limited Spots Lie
  • Just Like Other Scams

There are quite a few bad things about this “program” that I’m going to go into to detail about.

Unrealistic Income Claims

Ultimate Online Success Plan ScamIt is always a big red flag when a program starts suggesting that you can make an insane amount in a short period of time.

Throughout the sales video a bunch of people claim that they have made an insane amount of money.

They claim figures like $2,700 a day, and $70,000 within the first 6 months.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who make that type of money online. It is definitely possible.

However it took them a long time and a ton of work to reach that type of success.

You aren’t going to get it with a “millionaire website.”

In fact you aren’t going to be getting a millionaire website at all.

No Millionaire Website

They constantly claim that once you give them your money, they’ll give you a “millionaire website.”

But that’s not what you’re going to get.

If you’re lucky you’ll get a website that everyone else who purchase this program got.

It will be poorly made, and won’t bring you in any money at all.

The reason that I say you’ll be lucky is because misleading scams like this rarely even remotely give you what they say.

Paid Actors

I know that it can be pretty convincing when you see video of other people claiming to be rich from this program.

The problem with that is the fact that all of them are just reading a script that they were sent.

Websites like Fiverr make it incredibly easy and cheap to hire someone to make a quick video saying whatever you want them to.

And that’s simply what the creators of this website did.

Fake Testimonials

Ultimate Online Success Plan ReviewSeeing as you now know that the video had paid actors, you shouldn’t be surprised by this.

When you make it to the check out area you’ll see a bunch of testimonials praising the system.

However not a single one of them is real.

It’s really easy to just use some stock photos that you find on Google, and write lies next to them.

That’s exactly what the creators of Ultimate Online Success Plan did.

Limited Spots Lie

This is also another popular tactic that scams use to make it seem like their product is in demand.

They try to claim that only 30 or so people will be allowed in.

Don’t get me wrong, some legit programs will only allow 30 people in because it’s only 1 person doing all of the training and support.

However with this program, no matter how many people sign up they will always to your money from you.

Just Like Other Scams

If you’ve made it this far and you still aren’t convinced to not buy this program, you should be convinced by this.

This program is just like a bunch of other scams that I’ve already reviewed.

I actually just reviewed Online Success Plan, which has a similar name and uses the exact same sales video.

Odds are that Jordan Daniels is just a made up name that the creators use on a bunch of scam websites that they’ve created.

Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam?

It is honestly up to you to decide whether it is a scam or not.

From the research that I’ve done it appears that you will actually get some helpful tools if you give them money.

However the tools aren’t going to help you make anywhere near as much as they claim you will.

And it certainly won’t be as easy as they claim either.

Whether you consider Online Success Plan a scam or not, I strongly urge you to


Legitimately Make Money Online

Even though there are a ton of scam programs out there like Ultimate Online Success Plan.

There a few out there that will legitimately help you make money online.

I know that for a fact because I found one that has helped me make enough online to quit my job and work completely from home!

Anyone can success online as long as they get access to the proper training, tools and support.

You can get started with all of those things for free in the same place I did.

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If you’ve had an experience with Ultimate Online Success Plan, or have any questions or concerns. Let me know in the comments below!

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Is Online Success Plan A Scam? 6 Reason To Avoid [Review]

In this review of Online Success Plan I’ll be going over what they system is, and answering the question “Is Online Success Plan A Scam?”

Is Online Success Plan A ScamOnline Success Plan Review

Product: Online Success Plan

Creator: Jordan Daniels


Price: $97

Is Online Success Plan A Scam? YES


What Is Online Success Plan?

Online Success Plan claims to be “the most successful at home opportunity on the planet.”

They claim that you will be given a success plan that was created with secrets from a group of millionaire.

Apparently you’ll even make $500 for simply watching the sales video all the way through.

As it turns out, each and everyone of those claims is a complete and total lie!

What Online Success Plan Really Is!

If you’re hoping to learn a ton of secrets and get a millionaire website that’s going to bring in tons of cash everyday.

You’re going to be disappointed.

I hate to be the one to break it to you but you aren’t going to be making any money with this system.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online you can


The Pros And Cons

Whether a program is a scam or not, I always try to be as fair to it as I possibly can.

That’s why I always try to find at least one good thing about it.

I struggled with this one.


  • Nothing


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • You Won’t Get A Millionaire Website
  • Paid Actors
  • As Seen On TV Lie
  • Fake Testimonials
  • It Could Be Anything

Now I’m going to take some time to jump into what I mean with each of these points.

Unrealistic Income Claims

Throughout the sales video and all over the sales page they suggest that you are going to make an unrealistic amount of money.

It is absolutely possible to make good money online, it’s just not going to happen the way they suggest.

Online Success Plan Scam

The people in the sales video claim that they are making $2700 a day, or that they made $70,000 in their first 6 months.

That’s just simply not realistic and they are obvious lies.

You Won’t Get A Millionaire Website

They claim that once you give them your money you will get a “millionaire website” that will automatically bring you in money.

That’s just simply not going to happen.

You will get a website, but it’s going to be a crappy one that every person that signs up for this gets.

I can also promise you that it isn’t going to make you any money.

After you purchase it, they will tell you that you have to purchase something else before you make any money with it.

Paid Actors

You know those people that were claiming that they made $70,000 in the first 6 months?

Well they were simply just paid actors.

I know it’s a bit surprising to hear that a scam like this would pay actors, but it’s actually pretty simple.

Websites like Fiverr allow you to pay as low as 5 bucks to have someone create and send a short video to you.

I can almost guarantee you that’s what they did for their video.

As Seen On TV Lie

Online Success Plan Scam

At the top of their sales page they have an image that suggests that they have been featured on various news channels.


I can promise you that is just a flat out lie.

I literally keep up to date with online money making programs for a living, and I would know about it if it was.

Honestly, if this program was as amazing as they are making it sound, you probably would’ve seen it on TV as well.

Fake Testimonials

Having fake actors throughout their sales video wasn’t enough for them.

They had to go and completely fabricate more testimonials on the checkout page right before you buy.

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but the pictures used for those testimonials are just stock images.

Not to mention that the quotes are just completely made up also.

I hope by the time you get to this part you aren’t surprised by this stuff anymore.

It’s Similar To Other Scams

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making programs, and a lot of them are scams.

As it turns out, I have reviewed quite a few other scams that look incredibly similar to this one.

Secure Job Position, and Ultimate Online Success Plan are just a few of the ones similar to this.

Secure Job Position Scam

Just change a couple of colors and it would be exactly the same.

Is Online Success Plan A Scam?

If you have even remotely been paying attention to what I’ve been saying, you should hopefully be convinced that Online Success Plan is a


I know it’s a bit discouraging when you find out something like this is a scam.

However if you are actually looking for a legit way to make money online, I have something that will cheer you up!

Legitimately Make Money Online

Believe it or not there are actually programs out there that will teach you how to actually make money online.

Like I said earlier, I’ve reviewed hundreds of these programs and there is one that is head above the rest.

My Top Ranked Program was actually the program that I started out with and I’ve since quit my job and work completely from home.

Anyone can make money online as long as they have access to the proper training, tools, and support.

If you want to learn where you can get started with all of those for free you can…


If you have any questions or concerns about Online Success Plan, please let me know in the comments below!

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