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Ultimate Paydays Scam Review – 5 Reasons To Avoid It!

Ultimate Paydays Scam Review

In this review of Ultimate Paydays I’ll be going over exactly what it is and giving you 5 reasons why you should avoid it.

Will you actually be able to make $1,000+ per day or is it a scam?

Let’s jump in and find out!

Ultimate Paydays Scam ReviewUltimate Paydays Scam Review

Product: Ultimate PayDays


Price: $37 + Up-sells

Is Ultimate Paydays A Scam? Probably 

Is Ultimate Paydays Recommended? No!


What Is Ultimate Paydays?

Ultimate Paydays claims to be an incredibly fast and easy system that will help you make a ton of money online.

Supposedly it is created by a guy name Rick Owens, and he’s found a way to automate a system that will bring you in thousands of dollars per day.

Apparently it uses something similar to artificial intelligence that allows you to setup the system and completely forget about it.

If all of this sounds too good to be true to you, that’s simply because it is,

The Pros & Cons

Let’s go over some of the good and bad things that I could find out about Ultimate Paydays.

Ultimate PaydaysPros: 

  • Possible To Get A Refund


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Claims Of Automation
  • Copy Paste Method
  • Not Enough Information
  • Up-sells

Throughout the rest of the review I’ll be taking the time to go further in depth about the points that I listed above.

#1: Unrealistic Income Claims

Ultimate Paydays Unrealistic Income ClaimsThis is something that I see time and time again with scams all over the internet.

They claim that you’ll be able to make an insane amount of money online, in an incredibly short amount of time.

They make it seem like you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars everyday by simply putting in 30 minutes of work.

That’s simply not realistic.

It’s certainly possible to make money online, I even make my living online, but I don’t make thousands of dollars a day.

There are people out there who make that much money, but they certainly didn’t get there by following a copy & paste method.

#2: Claims Of Automation

Ultimate Paydays AutomationRick makes it seem like this is a set & forget system that will run automatically like “artificial intelligence”

While it is possible to create passive income streams online, you’ll always have to do some sort of consistent work, or pay someone else to do it.

There is simply not system out there that allows you to do a little bit of work in the beginning, and start making thousands without keeping up with it.

#3: Copy & Paste Method

They claim that this method is so incredibly easy to do that someone with a 4th grade reading level can copy and paste their way to success.

I hate to break it to you, but that’s simply not how it works.

It’s not going to take you 30 minutes to copy some steps that they show and you’ll start making money.

Their method might show you a way to make money online, but it isn’t going to be anywhere near as easy or fast as they make it seem.

I could tell you right now if their method would work, but they never actually tell you what you’ll be doing.

#4: Not Enough Information

Over the years I’ve written reviews for literally hundreds of make money online products, and all of the legit ones give you a ton of information before buying them.

Ultimate Padays simply doesn’t give you enough information about what you’ll be doing, how you’ll be making money, or what you get.

How many training modules are there? Are they videos or PDFs, and how many of them are there?

What topics does it cover, and will you have to spend more money to make it work?

These are the questions that need to be answered before you give out your money.

I mean, My Top Ranked Program tells you everything you get, and even let’s you try it all out for completely free.

#5: Up-sells

Due to all of the reasons I listed out above, I decided not to actually purchase Ultimate Paydays.

I’ve seen products like this before like The AZ Code and Kindle Sniper, they are all disappointing products that don’t live up to their claims.

Not only that, but they all throw an annoying amount of up-sells at you in order to get you to spend more money.

These Up-sells will either be things you need in order to have a chance to make money, or they will claim to make it easier.

Getting A Refund

I hope you read this review before purchasing the “program” but if you didn’t, it is possible for you to get your money back.

With that being said, it’s not going to be easy.

Even though ClickBank has a money back guarantee on products sold through them, you’ll have to keep bugging them.

 Is Ultimate Paydays A Scam?

Like I said earlier, I didn’t actually purchase Ultimate Paydays simply because there are too many red flags, and reasons not to.

Since I didn’t buy it I’m not going to call it a scam, but I’m certainly going to tell you that I think you should avoid it.


It’s obviously up to you to decide whether you want to purchase it or not, I just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know it probably won’t be anything like they claim.

If you did decide to purchase, let me know in the comments what you got and how it was.

What I Recommend

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Is Ultimate Paydays A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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