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What Is 50 Cent Freedom? Is It A Scam?

What is 50 cent freedom

In this review of 50 Cent Freedom I’ll be answering the question, “what Is 50 Cent Freedom?”

What is 50 cent freedomWhat Is 50 Cent Freedom?

Product: 50 Cent Freedom

Creator: Unknown


Price: 50 Cents/Month

Verdict: Scam/Pyramid Scheme


What Is 50 Cent Freedom?

50 Cent Freedom is an MLM system which stands for Multi-level Marketing.

If you know what a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme is you shouldn’t be surprised that there is very little difference between those and 50 Cent Freedom.

The idea behind the system is that you start at the bottom level and eventually work your way up by meeting certain goals.

As you move up the levels you are able to make more and more money.

You can basically look at it as moving up a pyramid.

Pros and Cons

For every program that I review I like to create a list of the good and bad things about it.


  • You can make some money (but cause other to lose money)


  • You probably won’t make much if any money
  • The scheme will fall apart eventually
  • It’s illegal
  • You’ll cause others to lose money (mostly friends and family)

How 50 Cent Freedom Works

First you have to pay 50 cents to get access to the program, and then you begin to share/spam links and try to get other to join the system.

Once you get a certain number of other people to join you will begin to be able to move up the pyramid levels.

Level 1:

Once you are able to get 3 people to sign up you will be able to gain access to the next level.

You will get 50 cents from each of those people, and you will use $1 of that to pay for access to the next level.

Level 2:

After getting 9 people to sign up, and pay $1 each to move up to the second level, you will have enough to pay $5.40 to move up yet another level.

Level 3:

You will then have to get 27 people to move up through the past 2 levels in order to get the ability to pay the $100 to move to the final level.

Level 4:

Once you reach level 4 you will then need to get 81 other people to make their way up to the same level as you to get the $8,100 they speak of.

Is 50 Cent Freedom a scam

I know when you are reading through this is sounds pretty simple, and like a good idea buy it’s not.

Let’s get into the reasons why it’s not good.

My Personal Thoughts

Okay, I know that this type of system is very simple and it seems like you almost have nothing to lose.

But this is the type of system that gives real online money making opportunities a bad name!

First off, how and who are you going to get to sign up for the system?

Most-likely you are going to be spamming and talking your friend’s ears off about the system, and most of them are going to block you or at least start ignoring you.

Also just think about it, do you know how many people you’ll have to get to sign up to have any chance of making any money?

To get the $8,100 you’ll have to get 81 people to sign up, and each of them will have to get at least 27 other people to get 9 other people to sign up and move up.

That’s an insane amount of people, and the odds are that most of the people you get to sign up won’t even move up.

You’ll have to have all of those people do all of those things to make the $8,100.

And if you fail to do that you will only be able to cash out the $45.80 for the tier below. They do that on purpose.

This system is only “good” for the people who first started it and are on the top, everyone else will just waste time and other people’s money.


50 Cent Freedom is a pyramid scheme that will only take your money and time, and the money and time of the people you get to sign up.

The system will eventually collapse just like all other pyramid schemes do because not enough people will sign up for it.

Don’t waste your time and money on this “system”

What is 50 Cent Freedom? It’s a


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