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Affiliate Rebirth Review: Scam Or Legit?

Affiliate Rebirth Review

In this review of Affiliate Rebirth I’ll be giving what you need to know to decide whether to buy it or skip it.

Affiliate Rebirth ReviewAffiliate Rebirth Review

Product: Affiliate Rebirth

Creator: Stefan Ciancio


Price: $17 – $27 + Up-sells



What Is Affiliate Rebirth?

Affiliate Rebirth is a video training program that teaches you how to create niche websites and earn money from them with affiliate marketing.

Creating and maintaining niche sites is what I do and how I make my living online, so I know quite a bit about the process.

Let’s jump in and find out if the training is as good as the sales page makes it out to be.

The Pros and Cons ,

This is where I like to list out the good and bad things about the program I am reviewing to give you a better idea of how it is.


  • Easy to follow videos
  • You can actually make money
  • Niche Websites are a great way to make money online


  • Not so great support
  • Takes more work and time than they suggest
  • Up-sells

Even though the number of good things is the same as bad ones, in my opinion the good things out weigh the bad by a bit.

What Affiliate Rebirth Includes

When you purchase Affiliate Rebirth you will get access to 28 different training videos that are distributed into 4 different modules.

The 4 modules it’s broken down into are as follows:

Module #1:

Niche Selection

Module #2:

Content Creation

Module #3:

Site Setup

Module #4:


These videos cover quite a bit of the information that you need to start building your niche website.

However I think that it is lacking a bit, because there is so much information needed to properly create and run a niche site.

The Price and Up-sells

If you make the decision to purchase AR you will be able to get it for between $17-$27 depending on when you decide to purchase it.

Be aware that after you purchase it they will try to sell you a few more expensive add on items or up-sells.

These Up-sells include:

Up-sell #1: ($27-$47)

  • List of 10 profitable niches
  • researched keywords for each of the 10 niches
  • Long Tail Pro keyword outputs
  • Amazon keyword tool research outputs
  • Keyword research of 3 top competitors
  • Full report on each of the 3 competitors
  • Best-converting products to promote for the niches

Up-sell #2: ($47 – $67)

  • 4 Case studies showing what they’ve done, profitable products, how they drove traffic, and how much they made.
  • Steps that you can recreate for yourself

Up-sell #3: ($27)

  • More Advanced strategies to build high quality links
  • SEO training to help you website bring in more organic traffic

Affiliate Rebirth Review

My Personal Thoughts

To be completely honest, it’s actually refreshing to run into a new training program that actually teaches so good reliable information.

This program teaches a method that I use personally to make money, and can actually help you make a living online.

With that being said, I want to point out a few things that you need to be aware of before you run out and purchase it.

First off, it is going to take quite a bit of time and effort before you actually start seeing results.

Also, even though this training has 28 videos, it still only covers the basic information that you need to understand the process.

This is where the lacking support hurts the most. You will most-likely have plenty of questions, and eventually get stuck at some point and need help.

While you can email the creator, I personally don’t think that would’ve been enough for me to succeed to the point where I’m at now.

The training program I used, has an incredible support system that is honestly what got me through some hard times.


At the end of the day, Affiliate Rebirth has some great information that will help you make some good money online.

As long as you follow the steps, put in the time and effort, and are patient enough to keep working at it.

However if you are someone who is going to have a lot of questions, and need support through the entire process you may have a hard time.

I think that Affiliate Rebirth is a

to learn the proper way to do affiliate marketing.

My Top Recommendation

While Affiliate Rebirth has some good training and can certainly help you with affiliate marketing, there is still a lot more information you will need to fill in the gaps.

My Top Ranked Program literally has hundreds of training videos, dozens of training modules, and thousands of successful marketers that are willing to answer the questions you’ll have during your journey.

The amount of information you will get there is unparalleled by any other program, and that’s why it is my top recommendation!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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