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Animatio Review: Do You Need It?

Animatio Review

In this Animatio Review I’ll be telling you all about the plugin, and tell you whether I think you need it or not.

Animatio ReviewAnimatio Review

Product: Animatio

Creator: Mark Bishop


Price: $37 + Up-sells

Verdict: Good Choice


What Is Animatio?

Well I’m assuming that if you are here reading about the plugin, you already have at least a general idea of what it does.

However I would like to quickly recap your memory just in case.

Animatio is a WordPress plugin that allows you to animate and add sound to various elements on your webpage or blog.

The idea behind it is to help catch your visitors eyes which will hopefully help them become more engaged with your content.

The Pros and Cons

Regardless of how good or bad a product looks I like to give it a pros and cons list to help come up with a verdict.


  • Has some pretty cool features and animations
  • May help catch your visitors eyes
  • Quick and easy to use (tutorial videos included)


  • Don’t necessarily need it
  • Up-sells

The Features of Animatio

When you purchase and install Animatio you will have access to the following features:

  • 50 animations
  • 20 male and female voice prompts & sound templates
  • Detailed video training and PDF
  • Works on all WP themes and page builders
  • Live Page App
  • Apply and repeat animations
  • Set prompts and sounds to activate when hovered over
  • set timers, or activate on scroll

You’ll gain the ability to animate any static page on your website with just a few clicks.

There certainly is no denying that these features are in fact very cool.

Here’s a demo video if you would like to see for yourself:


The Price and Up-sells

Depending on when you purchase the plugin you will pay somewhere between $27 and $37 for the original software.

However there a few other options for upgrades that will give you access to more features.

Animatio Up-sells

Upgrade #1: Pro ($67)

This will give you the ability to use the plugin on unlimited websites.

Also you’ll get access to additional features including: 50 animations, 50 male and female voice prompts and sound templates, voice upload options and case studies.

Upgrade #2: Developer Edition ($37)

Allows you to install Animatio on client websites.

Upgrade #3: Agency / Reseller ($197)

Allows you to sell Animatio.

Some of these upgrades may be useful depending on your needs.

My Personal Thoughts

This is the section where I like to get out my personal opinion about the program or app, and tell you what I really think.

And quite honestly, I think that this plugin is pretty awesome!

I’ve always been into design and animation and this plugin makes it incredibly easy for anyone to do.

With that being said, it’s certainly not for everyone and may not be necessary for you.

I personally do not need to purchase this plugin.

Even though it would certainly make my website look a lot cooler, and maybe even catch more visitors eyes.

On the sales page they claim that you have 6 seconds to engage your audience. Well I must be doing a pretty good job at that considering the fact that you average visitor to my website spends roughly 3 minutes on my pages.

Think about it, you’re still reading this aren’t you?

Go ahead and think about it, why are you still reading?

Most-likely because I am writing about something that you are interested in learning more about.

No matter how cool your website looks or sounds, your visitors aren’t going to stay unless they are getting something useful out of it.

I know this because I know several marketers who make hundreds a day and their websites are just black text on a white background.

They make all of that money because they know how to find what people want to read about, and how to get them to their website.

I’m not saying that nobody can find use for this plugin, I’m sure there are a lot of people who are.

I’m just saying to think about if you truly need it or not before purchasing it because too many plugins will slow down your website, which will cause visitors to leave.


Animatio is a great plugin in that can add some serious “wow factor” to your website or blog.

Just be sure to think about whether you personally need it or not before you buy it.

People will not stay on your website if the content stinks, no matter how cool it may look.

Don’t expect this plugin to make your struggling website suddenly get and keep a lot of visitors.

However if you are looking for something to catch your visitors eyes, this can certainly do the job.

Animatio is a

if you are looking for something to make your website a little more visually pleasing.

However it is certainly not necessary and will not be the magic solution to your lack of visitors, or lack of profits.

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