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Is Clicks Dealer A Scam? Just Like Banner Bit? [Quick Review]

Clicks Dealer Scam Review

In this quick review of Clicks Dealer I’ll be going over everything you need to know about them to decide whether to invest money or not.

Will you actually be able to make money online by flipping ads?

Let’s dive in and learn more!

Clicks Dealer Scam ReviewClicks Dealer Review

Product: Clicks Dealer


Price: $200 Minimum Deposit

Is Clicks Dealer A Scam? Probably

Is Clicks Dealer Recommended? NO!


What Is Clicks Dealer?

Clicks Dealer claims to be a global marketing agency that helps you partner with companies and succeed in online marketing.

They make it seem like you will be getting access to high quality traffic from direct publishers that will help you get more clicks and ultimately make more money.

However after doing some research into them, I found a lot of things that make this place seem very shady.

Let’s jump into it.

How Clicks Dealer Works

On the home page of Clicks Dealer they make it seem like they will be teaching you how to make more money with your internet marketing business.

However after you sign up and get to the main dashboard, it seems to be very different than that.

Basically the only thing you’ll be doing is purchasing and selling different advertisements that they offer.

Clicks Dealer Ads

They claim that the ads will be run on various publisher websites, and that they will get seen and clicked on by thousands of people.

The idea is that you will earn the revenue from the ads that you purchase. However that’s simply not how it works.

How Clicks Dealer Really Works

After doing some research I found out that it appears that Clicks Dealer is doing the exact same thing Banner Bit is.

Clicks Dealer Complaints

They lure people in by claiming that they can purchase ads, and make money when they are run on various websites.

They make you deposit a set amount of money first (I think $200) then they try to get more out of you by having you speak to “account managers”

That’s why you have to put your phone number in to register for an account.

They’ll have someone contact you and try to convince you to add more and more money, and they’ll even claim to buy and sell ads for you to make you money.

However when you go to withdraw the money that you’ve earned, they need some really personal information from you.

Apparently they claim to need:

  • Driver’s License or other ID
  • Credit Card information
  • Bank Statements or Utility Bills

This is very dangerous information that I strongly recommend that you do not give to them. They could easily steal even more money from you.

Even though they claim after giving them all of that information they will give you your money, they never seem to actually follow through.

There are dozens of complaints from people claiming to have lost money to this place, and seeing as they were only created a few months ago… (1-21-2018)

Clicks Dealer Creation Date

I imagine many, many more complaints will begin to pop up in the near future!

Some Other Red Flags About Clicks Dealer

There were quite a few things that made me incredibly suspicious about this place right off the bat.

Is Ad Flipping A Real Thing?

Even though they make it seem like they are simply a company that helps people make more money with their online marketing businesses, they are really an “ad flipping” company.

I’ve come across many websites like Free Ad Cash System, Bitcoin Advertising, and Banner Bit, that claim that Ad flipping is a great way to make money online.

However each and everyone of them has turned out to be a scam. Not to mention ad flipping doesn’t even really make sense when you think about it.

Why would you get paid to run ads on other peoples websites?

Just Like Banner Bit

My guess is that so many people were complaining about Banner Bit that they created a new website with a different name to escape all of the bad reviews and complaints.

I mean they are incredibly similar to each other.

The sad thing is that once people start to realize Clicks Dealer is a scam, they will just change to something else.

Paid Actor

After creating my account I was taken to an introduction video, and I immediately recognized the woman in it.

She’s an actress that I’ve seen in multiple other videos promoting all sorts of scams like Seven Figure Profit Code!what is the seven figure profit code

Is Clicks Dealer A Scam?

I want to be completely transparent and say that I didn’t actually invest the money to test out Clicks Dealer, but that’s simply because there is too much evidence that it’s a scam.

Regardless of whether you believe it’s a scam or not, I highly recommend that you avoid them at all costs!


Did you give them your money? What happened? Let me know in the comments below!

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Is Clicks Dealer A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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