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Commissionly Review: Is It Worth It?


In this Commissionly review I will let you know whether the training is worth the money, or if it’s just a total waste.

Commissionly ReviewCommissionly Review

Product: Commisionly

Creator: Billy Darr


Price: $5.95 + Up-sells

Verdict: Look Elsewhere

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What It Commissionly?

Commissionly is an online video training course that walks you through the steps of turning $5 to $10 into a profit online.

The idea is that you will be paying $5 to $10 in order to get traffic to different pages, then earning affiliate commissions from that traffic.

I have reviewed a few of Billy Darr’s products in the past and there are some bad ones, and some that aren’t too bad. So which group does this one fall into?

The Pros and Cons

A good way to help decide whether a product is worth buying is to weigh the pros vs the cons.


  • Some helpful information for beginners
  • Step-by-step videos
  • You can make some money in time


  • Won’t work as good as they lead on
  • Won’t work as fast as they lead on
  • Requires Paid traffic
  • Not much support
  • Training isn’t extensive
  • Up-sells

The Up-sells

After you purchase Commissionly you will be hit with several offers to purchase more expensive items.

If you’ve ever read through any of my other reviews you probably know that I do not like up-sells.

The main reason is that they normally talk about how fast, and how much money you can make with their system. When in reality you need to purchase the up-sells if you want to see results that are even close to theirs.

The up-sells you will see include:

Up-sell #1: ($17)

Access to 10 done for you templates to use in your campaigns

Up-sell #2: ($27)

Access to a more in depth traffic training program

Up-sell #3: ($47)

A ninja software they use to achieve the fast sells that they get.

Up-sell #4: ($97)

Done for you setup service where they will implement the method for you.

If you want to see the results that they claim you can make you will probably need to spend more than the $5.95 that they are selling it for.

Commissionly Up-sells

My Personal Thoughts

If you are a beginner who is planning on purchasing this program, there may be some helpful information in it for you.

The information that you get for the $5.95 will be helpful to you if you don’t know to much about online marketing.

With that being said, the program is lacking the type of in-depth information, and support that many beginners may need.

And if you are a beginner, you will not see the same level of profits that they see, and you won’t see them as quickly as they do either.

Keep in mind that these guys are experienced marketers who are probably using all of the items that they are offering in the up-sells.


In my final opinion I think that when it comes to Commissionly, you should

The training isn’t bad for the price, but I just think there are much better options out there for people trying to get into affiliate marketing.

This training doesn’t contain any new or ground breaking information that cannot be found somewhere else.

My Recommendation

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