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Commissionology Review: Is It Worth It

Commissionology Review

In this Commissionology Review I will be giving you everything you need to know before you decide to buy it or skip it.

Commissionology ReviewCommissionology Review

Product: Commissionology

Creator: Michael Cheney


Price: $27/Month

Verdict: Decent

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What Is Commissionology?

Commissionology is basically a membership where you get access to all of the creator’s promos to copy and use as your own.

You will receive all of his past promos and all of the ones he creates in the future, as long as you remain a member.

The idea behind it is that you will simply copy and paste his promos, with your own name and affiliate links.

This sounds like a great idea, but there are a few problems with it that I will get into shortly.

The main one is traffic.

What You’ll Get

If you decide to purchase Commissionology you will get access to the following things:

  • 440 hand-written affiliate promos created by Michael
  • A licence to use all of his future promos
  • Step-by-step Fast Start Guide
  • A traffic method
  • LIVE orientation call
  • More

Pros and Cons

Whenever I’m trying to make a decision I like to write out a pros and cons list to help decide.


  • You can make some money
  • It will save you time


  • You’ll need better ways to get traffic
  • Not as great as it seems
  • Up-sells

The Up-sells

After you make your first payment and join the membership you will get access to everything Commissionlogy offers, but there will be few things you’ll have to pay extra for if you want access.

These two up-sells are:

Up-sell #1:($47)

“Commissions Bonus Bank” gives you access to several of Michael’s best bonuses that you can give away or sell as your own.

Up-sell #2:($47)

Access to Michael’s secret list-building methods and strategies, to help you build an email list.

Commissionology upsells

My Personal Thoughts

The promos you’ll receive are actually pretty high quality, and will in fact save you time from having to create them yourself.

However, these promos are useless if you aren’t able to drive reliable, and targeted traffic to them.

This is where Commissionology really lacks.

The main reason that the creator of this product makes the large amounts of money that he does, is because he gets lots and lots of high quality traffic to his promotions.

Personally I would rather have a ton of high quality traffic to a mediocre promotion, than a small amount of crappy traffic to a great promo.

Obviously I would rather have both, but I’m just trying to get across the point that traffic in one of, if not the single most important factor in making money online.

And it’s importance is a bit understated on the sales page.

If you can find a great way to get a lot of targeted traffic to the promos that you get with this program then you will start to see money come in.


When it comes down to it, Commissionology may be helpful to experienced marketers who want to save time, and already know how to get lots of traffic.

But if you are a newbie it is going to be more difficult for you to see results, and it won’t work as well as it seems.

As long as you are aware of these downfalls, I think that Commissionology may be a

choice for someone who already knows how to get traffic, or already has a list.

My Recommendation

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If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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