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Is Contena A Scam Or Worth It? Let’s Find Out! [Review]

Is Contena A Scam?

If you’re thinking about joining Contena, and are wondering if it’s a good place to find freelance work, you’re in the right place.

In this review I’ll be going over everything you need to know about Contena, and answering the question “is Contena a scam?”

Is Contena A Scam?Contena Review

Product: Contena

Creator: Kevin Fleming


Price: $100/month

Is Contena A Scam? No!

Is Contena Recommended? Depends


What Is Contena About?

Contena is basically a membership website that freelance writers can join to help find work.

It’s essentially a hub that allows you to search through their archives and find job opportunities.

If you are serious about becoming a freelance writer Contena may be a good place for you to find work.

However there are several things that I’ll be pointing out in this review that you should know before making the decision to join.

The Pros And Cons

It always seems to be helpful for my readers when I list out both the good and bad things about a program in the same place.

Contena Pros:

  • $100 Monthly Fee
  • Great Training Course
  • Mediation
  • Customer Support


  • $100 Monthly Fee
  • Relatively New

Now I’ll take some time to go over what I mean with each of these points.

The $100 Monthly Fee

Depending on who you are, and your situation this can either be considered a pro or a con.

What do I mean?

Well there are other websites out there that offer similar services without a monthly fee.

However these websites will charge you a percentage of every job that they set you up with.

For example, you could get a job that pays you $200 but they’ll get $40, of that because you used their service.

So the $100 monthly fee might seem like a lot for someone who’s only making a few hundred bucks a month writing.

However someone who is making $2,000 a month writing would benefit from paying just 100 bucks instead of a 20% charge.

Contena Academy

Is Contena A Scam?At first glance I was going to recommend Contena only to experienced writers who know what they are doing.

Mainly because those are the people who would benefit from simply paying a monthly fee.

However, I realized that they have a training program that will teach beginners the ins and outs of being a freelance writer.

Contena Academy is included with your monthly fee, and will teach you about writing, getting gigs, creating portfolios and many other things you need to know.

As of right now they have 7 modules that include training videos, written lessons, and other downloadable materials.

Personally I think this is great, and will make the $100 worth it for many beginners out there!


This is something that just might come in handy at some point in your freelance endeavors.

There are times when a job might not go so well and you’ll need someone to help you figure it out.

For example, if there is a disagreement or misunderstanding and the client doesn’t want to pay you, Contena will help solve the problem.

This never happens if you make money online like I do!

Any other time, if whoever hired you isn’t happy, they can simple not pay you and disappear.

To prevent that from happening they require job posters to put money into an escrow account before the job.

So if they don’t want to pay you, Contena can then help resolve the issue without you automatically losing your time and money!

Customer Support

This is once again another thing that many newbies will find helpful within the Contena Community.

There is always a customer support associate available for you to ask questions to 24/7.

They are there to help ensure that you are able to find work, and help you with anything you might need help with.

Who I Recommend Contena To

I Contena A Scam?

If I was asked if I recommend Contena or not, I would simply have to answer “it depends.”

That’s because Contena is good for certain people, and not so good for others.

If you are just starting out, and don’t plan on dedicating much time to freelance writing, then you won’t want to pay the $100 monthly fee.

However if you are an experienced writer who plans on dedicating a lot of time to this, you’ll benefit from the simple $100 fee.

Another person who might benefit from Contena is a newbie who wants to learn, and is dedicated to spending a good amount of time doing that.

If you’re just starting out, and want to learn the ropes, then Contena Academy might just be for you!

Is Contena A Scam? – Conclusion

Hopefully by this point you have realized that Contena is definitely not a scam.

The only people who might call it that are the ones who think the $100 monthly fee makes it a rip off.

However that is something that’s up to you to decide.

Hopefully I’ve given you enough information about it to help you decide whether it is for you or not!

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