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Digital Client Crash Course Review: Should You Buy?

In this Digital Client Crash Course Review I will be giving you everything you need to know about the product before deciding to buy or skip it.

Digital Client Crash CourseDigital Client Crash Course Review

Product: Digital Client Crash Course

Creator: Neil Macpherson


Price: $27 /$47 + Up-sells

Verdict: Decent

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What Is Digital Client Crash Course?

Digital Client Crash Course is an online training course that shows you the steps you need to take to set up a 6 figure local marketing business.

It is a complete A-Z training that covers everything from building a client base to outsourcing, Design, SEO, Social Media and paid advertising.

What Is Local Marketing?

The process of local marketing can get pretty complicated, but I just want to do a general overview of what it is here.

Local marketing is basically finding clients who want their business, or organizations marketed online.

This can range from businesses, to bands, photographers, or other people who want something you be marketed online for them.

You would basically just be doing that for them.

Pros Vs Cons

I like to weigh the pros and cons of each program to help assist in choosing whether to purchase it or not.


  • Overall good training and information
  • You can make money


  • Requires A lot of work and organization
  • Up-sells

The Up-sells

After you purchase the course you will be offered a couple more expensive items to assist you with your local marketing journey.

These products include:

Up-sell #1:($67 – $97)

Mixtape Software is a project management tool among other things. It helps you manage all of your tasks and clients.

Up-sell #2:($297)

A Webinar Masterclass that will give you much more information and help than the original training will.

Digital Client Crash Course Upsells

My Personal Thoughts

Personally I think that Digital Client Crash Course it a good place to learn about local marketing.

If local marketing is something you think you would like to do than this may be a good course to help you get started.

Keep in mind that the information they give you isn’t incredibly in depth which is why they offer a Webinar Masterclass to help fill in the gaps and give more details.

Personally I don’t like local marketing, I would rather have my own business and market it instead of doing the work for clients.

I spend a lot of my time marketing my own businesses, and I personally love it.

Starting your own business can be quite daunting, but it really doesn’t have to be. You are at one of my businesses right now, this website.

Thanks to this incredible training course I was able to set up this website, and make enough money from it to quit my job!


If you are someone who is interested in doing local marketing for clients, than I think that Digital Client Crash Course is a

place to get started.

What I Recommend

As I said before, I personally recommend starting your own business and market it yourself.

Through the use of affiliate marketing you can run an entire full time online business without creating any products. You just help sell other people’s products from your own website/business!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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