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Is Digital Payday A Scam? 7 Reasons It’s A Scam [Quick Review]

Digital Payday Scam Review

In this quick review of Digital Payday, I’ll be going over everything you need to know about it before joining.

Should you even join at all?

Will you be able to make $5,000 per day, or even any money at all? Or are they just lying in order to get your money?

Learn the answer to all of those questions and many more within this review!

Digital Payday Scam Review

Digital Payday Scam Review

Product: Digital Payday


Price: Free + $250 Deposit

Is Digital Payday A Scam? YES!

Is Digital Payday Recommended? NO!


What Is Digital Payday?

Digital Payday claims to be an incredible online money making system that will make you up to $5,000 per day starting your first day.

They claim that they are are “premiere money generating service that provides members with passive income through online ad revenue”

You’re going to see me use the words “they claim” a lot because they make a lot of claims that aren’t factual.

For example they claim that this system is endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg, which is a complete and total lie.

In fact, the so called creator “Daniel Bluth isn’t even a real person.

I’ll be giving you proof of those things and many other lies they tell here shortly.

The Pros & Cons

As I’m sure you know, and pros and cons list is supposed to consist of both good and bad things.

However this list is only full of bad things.


  • Nothing


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Fake Creator
  • Not Endorsed By Mark Zuckerburg
  • Leads To Another Scam
  • It’s Not Actually Free
  • Simply Doesn’t Work

Over the next several sections I’ll be going further into detail about all of the points I listed out above.

Unrealistic Income Claims

I’ve written hundreds of reviews for hundreds of online money making programs, and one thing I’ve learned is to be suspicious when they claim you can make x amount of money in one day.

Especially if that number is a life changing amount.

I know it would be incredible if you actually could make $5,000 in your very first day doing something.

Heck, I would work for completely free for a year, if at the end of the year I would start making $5,000 per day.

However the simple truth is that there is absolutely no way you are going to make anywhere near that amount of money that quickly.

With any system.

Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely possible to make good money online, I even make my living online.

But it takes a good amount of time and consistent effort if you want to make any money online at all.

Fake Testimonials

One thing you might be thinking is “if you can’t make that much money that quickly, why are there so many testimonials of people saying they have.”

Well the very simple yet unfortunate answer to that question is the fact that all of those testimonials are fake.

Now a days it is actually incredible cheap and easy to hire people to record a video saying whatever you want.

And that’s what the creator of Digital Payday did.

The screenshot below is of one of the women claiming that she’s made thousands of dollars with Digital Payday.

An not to my surprise I was able to find the below advertisement from her offering to make a spokesperson video.

I’m sure I could find all of the other people as well, but I don’t think that’s necessary.

They wouldn’t pay for a single actor if they had even just one real testimonial.

Fake Creator

As I mentioned earlier, the so called creator “Daniel Bluth” isn’t even a real person.

At least it’s an alias for the person who actually created this so called “system.”

The reason I know that is because I ran the image of him that they use on the website through a reverse image search.

And guess what!

Digital Payday Fake Creator

It turns out that that image is just a stock photo they most-likely pulled from a random stock photo website.

Not Endorsed By Mark Zuckerburg

One the website they try to make it seem like this system is so amazing that the billionaire Mark Zuckerburg has endorsed it.

However that is just a complete and total lie.

All they did was take a photo of him standing in from of a projector screen, and photoshop their name on the screen.

That’s one of the most simple things to do if you know anything about photoshop.

Leads Into Another Scam

At first I thought that maybe they were just overselling their system to make it seem better than it is.

Maybe you’ll actually get some useful information about making money online that’s just not as incredible as they claim.

However once I actually signed up for it, I realized that wasn’t the case.

This “system” actually connects you with a scam I’ve reviewed in the past called Clicks Dealer.

Basically Digital Payday is a sales pages that is meant to funnel you into Clicks Dealer.

There are plenty of other websites out there that do this exact same thing like Free Ad Cash System, and Bitcoin Advertising.

It’s Not Actually Free

You might be wondering what the harm could be in signing up for a free system.

The problem is that this “system” is far from free.

They claim that the system is free, but all you have to do is make a deposit in order to purchase ads.

The minimum deposit you can make is $250!

Whatever you do, do not “invest” that money because you will most-likely never see it again.

It Simply Doesn’t Work

Another truth you need to understand is that this whole “buying and flipping” ads or whatever they say, isn’t real.

It’s just doesn’t make any sense.

They claim that you’ll be buying an ad that will then be placed on a popular website and make you money.

At least that’s what I think they are trying to say.

This doesn’t make sense because why would the creator of the ads need you to put their ad on a different website?

You would just be an unnecessary middle man.

They can just put their advertisements directly on popular websites themselves through Google or even Facebook.

Is Digital Payday A Scam? – Conclusion

At the end of the day Digital Payday is just a hyped up sales page that’s trying to get you to join another scam.

So in my opinion that absolutely makes it a scam!

Scam Logo

Do not trust anything that you see on the Digital Payday website, and certainly don’t give them any money!

If you did give them any money, be sure to let me know what happend in the comments below!

Actually Make Money Online!

The only thing that Digital Payday got right is the fact that websites can make a lot of money through advertisements and affiliate sales.

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