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Is Your Profit Team A Scam? The Profit Team System [Review]

Your Profit Team Scam Review

In this quick review of Your Profit Team I’ll be going over everything you need to know about it before pulling out your wallet.

Is it really as great as it claims to be? Will you actually make $7,340 per week, or is it just a big scam?

Shortly, I’ll be going over several reasons why you should completely avoid this place altogether.

Let’s dive into this system and find out what it’s really about!

Your Profit Team Scam ReviewYour Profit Team Review

Product: Your Profit Team


Price: $47 + Up-sells

Is Your Profit Team A Scam? Probably

Is Your Profit Team Recommended? NO!


What Is Your Profit Team?

The Your Profit Team website claims that you are 1 of 20 people who have been selected to join a system that will make you $7,340 per week.

They claim that you can get started with only working 1 hour per day, and you’ll start making money today.

Apparently there is a team of millionaires who are looking to get other people to join them to help them make even more money.

“David” claims that he was a struggling mechanic in the past until he came across a secret society of online money makers who showed him how to make a ton of money online.

The truth is that just about everything in the sales video is made up, and you shouldn’t trust anything they say.

What Is Your Profit Team Really?

In reality, Your Profit Team is just a get rich quick scheme that is just trying to lie and mislead you into giving them your money.

It’s similar to other programs like Greedy Mentor, Explode My Payday, and Click N Flip!

They want to make it seem like you can make thousands of dollars incredibly quickly without having to do much work.

Your Profit Team Claims

As amazing as that would be, it’s simply not realistic.

Don’t get me wrong, it is certainly possible to make good money online, I even make my living online.

However it’s not something that can be achieved overnight, it takes a good amount of time and effort.

The Pros & Cons

Let’s take a minute to list out some of the good and bad things about this program. Quite honestly there isn’t anything good.

The Profit TeamPros:

  • Nothing


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Limited Positions Lie
  • Fake News
  • Doesn’t Make Sense
  • The Disclaimer

Over the next few sections I’ll be taking the time to go a little further in depth about all of the points I listed out above.

Unrealistic Income Claims

One of the first things that most likely caught your attention when you arrived on the Your Profit Team website is the “$7,340 per week.”

It’s in all caps and in red because that’s the first thing they want you to notice.

They want you to get excited at the thought of making $7,340 per week, which adds up to a whopping $380,000+ per year.

Like I mentioned earlier, the idea that you can start making that crazy amount of money almost right away with only 1 hour of work per day is ridiculous!

The fact that they claim you can just further makes it seem like get-rich-quick scheme!

Limited Positions Lie

They claim that they are only accepting 20 people to join their “millionaire team” and if you don’t hurry you’ll miss out.

That’s just a complete lie.

They just say that in order to make you panic and sign up real quick before taking the time to think about it.

I promise you, not matter how many people sign up before you, they will still take your money.

Fake News

Your Profit Team Fake NewsWithin the sales video they try to make it seem like their system is being talked about all over the news.

When in reality all of those news clips are just random clips of the anchors talking about work from home opportunities.

Not a single one of the clips is even remotely related to Your Profit Team.

Doesn’t Make Sense

They claim that they have a team of millionaires who already make a ton of money online, and they just need more people to help out.

They make it seem like the more money you make, the more money that they will end up making.

If they were really going to hire 20 people to help them make more money, don’t you think they would find someone with experience?

Wouldn’t you want to hire someone who already knows how to make a ton of money online in order to help you make more money?

The Disclaimer

So if nothing else has convinced you to avoid this place, you should scroll down to the bottom of their sales page.

If you take a second to skim through the disclaimer, you’ll find something interesting!

Your Profit Team Disclaimer

I highlighted the most important part but in case you can’t read it, it says “The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.”

If that doesn’t push you away from this place, I don’t know what will.

Is Your Profit Team A Scam?

I didn’t actually purchase Your Profit Team for all of the reasons I listed out above, so I don’t want to straight out call it a scam.

However I will say that I think it’s a get-rich-quick scheme that’s not going to live up to it’s promises.

The likely hood of you making any money with this “system” is little to non, which is why they put that in the disclaimer.


I strongly suggest that you avoid Your Profit Team and don’t give them any of your money.

They will most-likely continue trying to get more and more money out of you with promises of you eventually making money.

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