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The Funnel Team Scam Review

The Funnel Team Review: Scam Or Legit? [Must Read]

In this quick review of The Funnel Team, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about it before giving them your money.

For online money making systems it is important to put in the time to research any system you’re thinking about purchasing.

There are so many online scams out there that will simply take your money, and give you absolutely nothing in return.

Is The Funnel Team one of those scam systems, or will you actually be able to make $500+ per day with it.

Let’s get into it and fine out!

The Funnel Team Scam Review!

The Funnel Team Review

Product: The Funnel Team


Creator: Daniel

Price: $20-$199 per month

Is The Funnel Team A Scam? It’s complicated (I’ll explain)

Is The Funnel Team Recommended? NO!


What Is The Funnel Team?

Here’s the thing, what The Funnel Team claims to be and what it actually is seems to be two completely different things.

It claims to be a done-for-you automated funnel system that, can make you $16,000+ per month online.

The sales page claims that basically anybody can easily setup the system, and start raking in hundreds of dollars per day.

And all of that can be done with just an hour of work each day.

All of that sounds pretty incredible; a bit too good to be true if you ask me.

Which is why I was super interested to dive deeper into and find out what it’s all about.

However, when I went to check out there system, I was sent to a sales page for a completely different program.

What Is The Funnel Team Really?

After watching the sales videos, and getting all of the information I needed, I clicked the button to sign up.

That’s when I was taken to the sign up page for a company called Savings Highway Global.

Savings Highway Global is an MLM or multi-level marketing company that offers various savings and discounts to it’s members.

It also offers commissions to it’s members who get other people to join and pay for a membership.

SHG is a legitimate MLM, however it’s not what The Funnel Team’s sales page explains you’ll be getting.

You can make money with SHG, however it’s not a place where beginners to affiliate marketing will have much success.

The Funnel Team Pros & Cons

This is where I normally write out some good and bad things about the system I’m reviewing. However that’s a bit difficult this time because the system isn’t what was promised.


  • Savings Highway Global Isn’t a scam (not recommended though)


  • The Funnel Team Can’t Be Trusted
  • It Isn’t What The Sales Page Promises
  • Unrealistic Expectations

The next several sections will be dedicated to explaining what I exactly mean with the points listed above.

The Funnel Team Simply Can’t Be Trusted

I honestly don’t see a way to bring myself to trust anything that was said on the sales page for TFT.

The sales page described a basic sales funnel system that would help you funnel people into sales offers and make commissions.

I assumed if you purchased it, you would be given access to tools that would help you funnel other people into the same system.

Which IS NOT a business model that I recommend, but it would’ve at least been what is promised in the sales videos.

However when you go to sign up, it just sends you to a completely different company without any explanation whatsoever.

Unrealistic Expectations

Even if The Funnel Team was what the sales page claims, it would’ve been very over hyped.

Done-for-you funnels systems like this pop up on a regular basis, and they all claim that you can make thousands of dollar within days of starting.

These claims are incredibly unrealistic, and set most people up for failure if they join.

They give you tools and training to funnel people into the same system, which has a chance to make you some money.

However, most of these systems pop up and disappear like clockwork leaving the members with nothing.

If your entire business model revolves around getting other people to join The Funnel Team, what will you do when it shuts down or disappears?

Is The Funnel Team A Scam?

I don’t call systems a scam very lightly.

I try to be as fair as possible with every review I write, and be as honest as I can about them.

However in this situation I don’t see how I could call The Funnel Team Anything but a scam.

Scam Logo

It gives you a completely different product than what is promised on the sales page.

Is that not the definition of a scam?

To me it appears like The Funnel Team sales page is just a quick way for the creator to earn commissions from people signing up for Savings Highway Global.

If there are any members out there who purchased it and have any other information that I’m not aware of, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

What I Do Recommend!

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