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7 Day Millionaire Review – Is it a Scam?

7 Day Millionaire

Trading Binary Options can be a good way to make money online, if you have some money to invest, and put in the time to do the research.

But can the 7 Day Millionaire system turn you into a millionaire in just 7 days?

What is 7 Day Millionaire?

7 Day Millionaire is claimed to be a binary options trading system that is guaranteed to turn your $250 investment into a million dollars in just 7 days.

It would be nice if there was a system that existed that would turn a mere $250 into a million in 7 days, but unfortunately it just isn’t true.

7 Day Millionaire is a Scam!

I’ve seen these “fool-proof” binary option trading systems pop up all over the place.  I did a review on Millionaire Money Machine, which just happens to have a couple of things in common with 7 Day Millionaire.

First off, they both have the word “millionaire” in the title, and they are both huge scams.

I’ve read several comments and posts inside of some forums from people who decided to make the $250 investment.  You may not be surprised to hear that not one of them became a millionaire within the first week; actually, none of them even reported making any money whatsoever.

The $1,000,000 in one week is an outrageous claim that is absolutely not true.

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A Common Scam

There are marketers out there in other countries who are not regulated in any sort of way. They put up these websites all of the time, and use them to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people.

I know that you probably saw some videos, or possibly reviews made by people who say that they have made thousands and thousands of dollars by using the system.

These are all either fake testimonials created by the people who made the website, or that are fake reviews written by people who were paid by the website owners.

Notice that in the promotional video that they never go into detail about how the system works, or the science behind it.  The video also has the same generic voice actor who does just about every single one of these schemes.


7 Day Millionaire is just another fake binary options trading program that claims to guarantee millions of dollars in profits, when in all actuality all it will do is take your money.

Avoid 7 day Millionaire at all costs!

If you come across any type of program that claims to guarantee thousands or even millions of dollars, then odds are that it’s a scam.

If you are trying to make real money online, I would highly suggest looking into affiliate marketing.  You can make money online without investing a great deal of cash, and anyone can do it with the right training.

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