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Bam Bam Backlinks

Bam Bam Backlinks Review: Do Backlinks Work?

In this quick Bam Bam Backlinks review I’ll be give you all of my thoughts on the training, and tell you why creating backlinks is risky!

Bam Bam BacklinksBam Bam Backlinks Review

Product: Bam Bam Backlinks

Creator: Clive McGonigal


Price: $47-$97 + Up-sells

Verdict: Isn’t Worth It


What Is Bam Bam Backlinks?

Bam Bam Backlinks is an online digital training program and plugin that teaches how to create backlinks to your videos in an attempt to rank them higher.

For those of you who don’t know, backlinks are links that link back to your website or video. I know, pretty self explanatory.

The idea is that if a popular website links back to your video, Google with think that it must be great, and rank your video higher.

The problem is, that doesn’t work as well anymore, and is risky…

Why I’m Against Backlinks

You see several years ago they did work, in fact they worked incredibly well, which was the problem.

Marketers exploited this and found out that they could just put their links all over different websites, and Google would rank them higher.

The problem is that Google found out about this and harshly penalized the websites that exploited it.

When I say penalized, I mean some websites lost nearly all of their traffic overnight.

This caused many marketers to go broke and have to completely start over from scratch.

This is why I don’t recommend you exploiting them. Don’t get me wrong, by all means share your video links on social media and other sights, just don’t exploit the system.

The Pros and Cons

With all of that being said, let’s jump into the good and bad things about this training.


  • It may help boost your videos
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Backlinks are dangerous
  • They may not even work
  • Up-sell

The Up-sell

After you purchase the plugin and training you will be offered another item to compliment them.

The Up-sell:

  • ($27)Tube Commandments + Built-in Tools and Bonus Software

This is actually pretty mild compared to a lot products I review, most of them have several up-sells adding up to hundreds of dollars.

My Personal Thoughts

I already gave you most of my personal thoughts about backlinks earlier, however there are a few more points I want to hit.

First, I want you to be aware that this backlink method could possibly make your videos rank higher.

I just don’t know.

Normally I test out the products before I review them, but I don’t do videos at the moment so there wasn’t a way for me to test it.

But even if it does work, it won’t work forever and you could be penalized for it.

Google wants to rank the best videos higher, so if your video is complete crap no amount of backlinks is going to get it to rank high, and if it does it won’t work forever.

At least not when they realize it’s crap.


In my opinion Bam Bam Backlinks just

It might make your videos rank higher even though it is risky in my opinion, but if you want to spend $47 to $97 to find out be my guest and let me know if it works.

Even if it does, it’s too risky for me.

I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of crap for this review, but it’s my honest opinion.

What I Recommend

In the future I plan on using video marketing, but to this point I’ve been able to make enough money online without it to quit my full time job and work from home.

The best way to make money from your videos is to use them to drive traffic to your monetized website, and bring in sales from there.

My Top Ranked Program taught me how to create this website, and bring in a full time income without doing videos.

Can you imagine what you could do if you did videos too?

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Bam Bam Backlinks Review: Do Backlinks Work?”

  1. Hmm, thanks for your negative review.

    You didn’t access the training, don’t do videos and admit that you ‘don’t know’

    OK, good luck to you.

    Next time try reaching out for a review copy so you can give a real review.

    I sold over 1000 copies and not ONE refund with dozens of great reviews and feedback. What have you produced lately?

    Just sayin’


    • Hey Clive,
      I honestly don’t like writing negative reviews like this one, because I miss out on profits I could’ve made by promoting another product.
      The reasons I didn’t “try reaching out” for a review copy (which I’ve done with many other products) was because I didn’t need a copy to know that I wasn’t going to recommend your product.
      I’m sure your product did well, and people loved it, however it uses blackhat methods to try and trick Google (A multi-billion dollar corporation) into thinking that your videos have been shared by websites with authority.
      I have never, and will never recommend anything that uses blackhat methods, because I believe it will come back to bite you at some point. Just like using fake backlinks caused thousands of businesses to collapse over night when Google found out.
      As for what I’ve produced lately. Successful affiliate marketers like myself don’t have to produce anything. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.
      Just saying

      • Using Google properties to promote a YouTube video is not Black Hat, far from it. Google actually encourages us to use all their various platforms – under one GMail account. I’m afraid your reasoning is flawed.

        Consequently stating that my product promotes Black Hat tactics and tricks is simply not true. If it was I simply would not have bothered engaging with you. ‘Not’ promoting a product is one thing but stating it is some kind of scam to be avoided is quite another.

        • The ONLY reason Google gives backlinks any ranking power at all is the fact that they are supposed to represent the fact that someone liked your content so much that they shared it with others. Running around and posting different links all over the place is exactly what got many websites in trouble with Google in the past. Google’s main goal is to rank the best content higher, your training doesn’t revolve around making better content, or trying to get others to share it to create natural and earned backlinks. You are just trying to make Google think that you are. Which in my opinion can be considered “grey hat” at best, seeing as we are even having this disagreement means it’s a grey area. Even if you are “promoting” your video on Google My Maps, Docs, Calendar or Sheets.

          You’re welcome to disagree with me, however I recommend that you go and read back through my review because I never once stated that your product was either a scam, or should be avoided. I simply said that I personally think that it isn’t worth the risk of getting on Google’s bad side. The main goal of this review was to make sure that my readers understood the risks of creating backlinks with this method seeing as so many creators were penalized for it in the past.


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