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Computer Portal Scam Review

Is Computer Portal A Scam? 5 Reasons It Is! [Quick Review]

In this quick review of Computer Portal I’ll be going over 5 different reasons why you should completely avoid it.

If you’re wondering whether it’s a scam or not, the answer is yes.

Let’s dive in and go over why.

Computer Portal Scam ReviewComputer Portal Review

Product: Computer Portal


Price: $97

Is Computer Portal A Scam? Yes!

Is Computer Portal Recommended? No!


What Is Computer Portal?

Computer Portal claims to be an amazing way to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day with just 60 minutes of work.

The truth is that this is a link posting scam that has been circulating all around the internet for years now.

This exact same scam has been renamed and republished more times than I can even count.

I’ve come across this “program” dozens of times in the past.

now let’s go over the 5 different things that prove it’s a scam.

Just Like Other Scams

I wasn’t lying when I said that this program has been simply renamed and relaunched countless times in the past.

They rename it in order to dodge all of the reviews that surface exposing it as a scam.

Check these out:

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Computer Gurus, Computer Professionals, and My Home Success Plan are all the exact same things, just with different names, and occasionally slightly different colors.

Link Posting Doesn’t Work

In all of these “programs” they explain link posting, and talk about how incredibly amazing and easy it is to do.

However the simple problem is that the method they use to post links simply doesn’t work anymore.

Companies will actually pay you to get people to visit their websites and make purchases.

It’s called affiliate marketing, and it’s actually how I make my living online.

The problem is that just running around and spamming links doesn’t work anymore.

You’ll get blocked for spam, and most people know not to click on spam links anyways.

If you’re interested in learning how to do it the proper way, I suggest checking out My Top Training Program!

Fake News

Computer Portal Fake NewsThe image at the top of the sales page tries to suggest that Computer Portal has been featured on various news outlets.

When in reality this program has never been featured on any type of news program.

If it was, you’d be able to do a quick Google search and find articles and or videos.

I also want to point out the fact that the new video they show is just a bunch of clips talking about working from home.

At no point does it ever mention the name “Computer Portal”

Fake Testimonials

Computer Portal Fake TestimonialsI know it can be convincing when you see a bunch of people claiming a program has helped them.

That’s why the creators of this program went out of their way to create completely fake testimonials.

The testimonials simply all use stock images, and just random quotes that the creators wrote themselves.

All of these exact same testimonials have been used in countless other scams.

It Could Be Anything

So many of scam pop up that it simply wouldn’t make sense for me to purchase them all and try them out.

I did purchase one in the past though, and it was simply outdated link posting training that didn’t work.

However I’ve seen reports that you’ll actually get signed up for other programs that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars.

The truth is that you could simply be signed up for anything they feel like signing you up for when you pay.

Is Computer Portal A Scam?

Like I said above, I didn’t purchase it and normally I don’t call things a scam unless I actually tried them out.

However due to all of the reasons I listed out above, I’m comfortable calling Computer Portal a scam.

There are honestly a whole bunch of other things I could’ve pointed out, but I don’t think it’s necessary.


They just lie and mislead you into joining something that isn’t going to be anything like what they promise.

What I Recommend

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Is Computer Portal A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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