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Copy Trade Profit Scam Review

If you recently came across Copy Trade Profit and are curious as to whether or not you will actually be passing up $2000 to $4000 a day if you don’t try it, then you are in the right place.

In this review I will be giving you my honest opinion about CTP and letting you know if you should avoid it or not.

What is Copy Trade Profit?

Honestly it’s really hard to tell what Copy Trade Profit is because that don’t really come out and say it.

So I guess I’ll just have to go with what I can figure out. Copy Trade Profit is a scam that should absolutely be avoided.

I believe it is some type of binary options trading program that makes claims of bringing in profits of thousands of dollars a day.

What Else Can I Say?

This is a text book internet scam that is meant to get your money.

In order to do the trading necessary to make the fake money that they promise you, you have to sign up and deposit money into a broker account.

Which I highly recommend against because there is quite a good chance that you will not get your money back.

What Makes Copy Trade Profit a Scam?

I see several of these scams pop up all over the internet, this has red scam flags written all over it.

  • Completely fake testimonials
  • unrealistic claims of earnings
  • Fake countdown timers
  • Fake As Seen on MSN (and other networks) claims
  • Generic Promotional Video

These are just a few of the red flags that I saw in my brief time on the website.

I say brief time because my computer kept telling me to leave the website because it was unsafe, and one time it even froze my web browser causing me to have to close it out, and even rewrite a large portion of this post.


I just want to disclose to you all that I did not attempt to try this program, because there were just way too many red flags to risk wasting my money.

In the past, I would at least attempt some of these programs as an way to be absolutely 100% sure whether they were scams or not, but I just ended up losing a whole bunch of money.

If you actually try CTP and make earning from it, please leave me a comment below and explain your experience to me.

Please Watch the Quick Review Video I made for this program!


I am almost completely certain that Copy Trade Profit is a


I highly recommend that you steer clear of this program, especially if you are new to trading. However if you do decide to try it out, please tell me about your experience.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!

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