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Instant Profit Funnel: An Actual Honest Review

I’ve seen quite a few reviews online of Instant Profit Funnel, but most of them just offer a bonus in an attempt to try and get you to sign up.

However this is my actual honest review of the system and my actual thoughts on whether or not you should actually purchase it or not.

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What is Instant Profit Funnel?

Instant Profit Funnel is an email marketing strategy created by Mark Wightley that is meant to help you create a landing page that can be used to get subscribers to your email list.

You can then use your email list to offer something for a small price, which will lead your subscribers to more and more up-sells.

Which so happens to be exactly what Instant Profit Funnel is doing to you.

You sign up for the system for a crazy low price of $6.95, but when you actually get in they basically say, “well if you want to make real money, then you’ll spend more money to buy these programs.”

If you’ve read any of my past posts, you know that I am definitely not a fan of up-sells.

In my opinion, they are a cheap way of basically tricking people into buying more and more.

They know once you actually purchase something for cheap, you’re more likely to buy other things.  Mainly because you need the other things in order to have a chance at making the big money that they promise.

Pros and Cons of Instant Profit Funnel


  • The information can be useful to marketers who need help capturing emails.
  • It is actually possible to make money with this system
  •  Could be useful to experienced marketers who know how to avoid purchasing unnecessary up-sells.


  • Up-sells, Up-sells, and more Up-sells
  •  Newbies to internet marketing will have a difficult time making money with this method
  • Uses overall shady marketing methods to get sales
  • Subscribers can always unsubscribe at anytime

My Personal Thoughts

I guess I’ve already given many of my personal thoughts about this system, but I’ll go a little more in depth here.

Many parts of this marketing system are shady, and come very close to many of the scams that I have reviewed and tried myself in the past.

The up-sells can be incredibly dangerous if you are not careful.

If you don’t already have the internet marketing knowledge to be able to wade through all of them, you might fall in a rabbit hole that leads you to spend more money than you actually make with this system.

With that being said, the base product that they offer to you for $6.95 actually has some useful information in it that can be used by internet marketers to gain some extra email subscribers.


In my days of reviewing online money making systems, I have come across some that are much much worse than Instant Profit Funnel.

Instant Profit Funnel is not a complete scam, you will get some useful information for the original $6.95.

However I suggest that you steer clear of the up-sells and move forward

At Your Own Risk

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