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Crypto Coin Sniper Scam Review

Is Crypto Coin Sniper A Scam? 5 Reasons It Is! [Review]

In this quick review of Crypto Coin Sniper I’ll be going over 5 reasons why you might agree that it’s a scam!

Will you really make $3,000 per day with it?

Let’s dive in and go over why you won’t!

Crypto Coin Sniper Scam ReviewCrypto Coin Sniper Scam Review

Product: Crypto Coin Sniper


Price: $37

Is Crypto Coin Sniper A Scam? Yes!

Is Crypto Coin Sniper Recommended? No!


What Is Crypto Coin Sniper?

Crypto Coin Sniper claims to be a new incredible cryptocurrency trading software that will help you make a ton of money online, with very little work.

In the sales video that you can make up to $3,000 your very first day, with only a few minutes of work.

If you’ve heard about cryptocurrencies in the past, but don’t know too much about them this might seem plausible.

However if you’ve been into them for a while, you’ll know that this system just sounds way too good to be true.

That’s simply because it is.

Let’s go over 5 reasons why Crypto Coin Sniper is a scam!

The Pros & Cons

There’s honestly not much good to say about Crypto Coin Sniper, but I’ll try to be as fair as possible to them.

Crypto Coin SniperPros:

  • They Don’t Ask For A Huge Deposit


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Claims Of Automation
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Fake Creator
  • Up-sell

Throughout the rest of the review I’ll be taking the time to go into more detail, and give evidence about the points I listed out above.

Unrealistic Income Claims

I’m sure you’ve seen or read on the news that there are people out there who have basically become millionaires overnight thanks to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

So if you haven’t looked into it and learned more, you might think that it’s possible to start earning as much as they claim you can.

Crypto Coin Sniper Income

However the simple truth is that there is absolutely no way that you’re going to start making $3,000 per day by only investing $50.

That’s simply not going to happen.

Especially not by investing in the larger well known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It’s just absolutely ridiculous to think that you can make that much money that quickly without invest thousands of dollars.

Claims Of Automation

A general rule of thumb I like to follow is that if a system claims to be completely automatic, it’s either lying, or it’s a total scam.

The truth is that automated online money making systems do not exist.

It’s certainly possible to make money online, however you’ll have to actually put in the time and effort to make it happen.

I know the idea of simply pushing a few buttons for only 10 minutes per day will make you rich, but that’s simply a fantasy.

These claims are the simply makings of a get rich quick scheme.

Fake Testimonials

One thing that can be very convincing is when you see other people claiming that they’ve made a ton of money with a system.

That’s why the creators of Crypto Coin Sniper went out of their way to pay some actors to make fake testimonials for them.

I know this because I’ve seen the same people testifying for dozens of other scams out there similar to this one!

Here’s some proof!

Crypto Coin Sniper Paid Actor

Desktop Commission System

Fake Creator

If the creator of this scam system would go completely out of his way to pay someone for fake testimonials, why would you trust anything he says?

He claims to be a guy from Philadelphia named Paul Scott, but I’m almost completely certain that’s not his real name.

These scam creators always just happen to have incredibly common/generic names that make it hard to do research on them.

They don’t give any pictures or background information to go off of, so I couldn’t find any evidence of this.

But I mean just think for a second, do you really trust anything that this guys says?


The reason I put no large deposit as the only pro is the fact that a lot of scams like these will require a large deposit.

Most of them claim that you have to deposit $500 into a brokerage account in order to even start making trades.

When in reality you don’t even need a broker to trade cryptocurrrencies at all.

$37 is a relatively low amount to lose on a scam, however they will probably try to get more out of you.

“Systems” like this one always try to sell you more products as soon as you purchase it.

My guess is that as soon as you pay the $37 they’ll try to get you to buy a program that will claim to help you make more money even faster.

Odds are that it will cost something like $147.

Don’t buy it!

Is Crypto Coin Sniper A Scam?

There are so many lies and misleading information on the sales page for Crypto Coin Sniper that I don’t know how you could not call it a scam.

I mean, it is possible to get a refund through ClickBank, but that’s a low bar to have for not calling something a scam.


You can’t trust anything that’s said in the sales video for this program, and I don’t know why you would buy something from someone who has been proven as a liar.

This is just a low quality product that doesn’t live up to the claims just like AZ Formula, Easy Insta Profits, and The Ecom Formula.

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Is Crypto Coin Sniper A Scam? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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