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Daily Rewards Reviews

What Is Daily Rewards? A Scam Or Legit? [Honest Review]

If you’re looking for Daily Rewards Reviews, then you’re in the right place. I’ll be going over what you need to know, and finding out if it’s a scam or legit!

Daily Rewards ReviewsDaily Rewards Review

Product: Daily Rewards


Price: Free To Join

Is Daily Rewards A Scam? NO!


What Is Daily Rewards?

Daily Rewards is a market research website that is run be another company called Inbox Dollars.

These websites will reward you for helping them conduct research that they can then sell to other companies.

Companies want to learn as much as they can about their customers so they can make their products and services better.

That’s why they’ll pay to get it.

How Daily Rewards Works

Daily RewardsIt’s not too difficult to understand how the system works. Companies pay them to get information from you, and they’ll pay you to give it to them.

There are various ways that you’ll be able to make money on with them including:

  • Surveys
  • Games
  • PaidEmails
  • Search
  • Special Offers

Let’s go over what you’ll be doing with each of these.

Daily Rewards Tasks


Play free games, or pay and compete against others for the chance to win various cash prizes.


Earn money by taking surveys from various survey websites. These surveys will vary in length and pay depending on how long they are. You can normally expect to make $0.50 to a few bucks per survey.

Special Offers

You can earn money by trying out different new products and services. This will include free trials, and signing up for other programs.

Paid Emails

They will send you emails that you can get paid for simply reading them. However this won’t be very much money. You can make more by completing the offers in the emails though.


You can get paid for using their search engine to find things that you would normally search elsewhere for.

Update: For some reason they no longer offer this as a way to make money.

The Good And Bad Things

There are both pros and cons to using Daily Rewards as a way to make money online. Let’s go over them here.


  • Make Extra Cash
  • Easy To Do
  • Some Aspects Can Be Fun


  • Won’t Make Much Money
  • Take A Lot Of Time
  • Some Aspects A Boring
  • High Cash Out Threshold

Now I’ll go a little more in depth with what I mean.

How Much You’ll Make

While it’s certainly nice to make some extra change by completing some simple tasks, it certainly won’t be much.

This is the main thing that I see complained about.

You’ll be spending a lot of time completing surveys, and doing other things just to make an extra few bucks.

High Cash Out Threshold

Another thing to think about is the fact that you’ll have to make at least $30 from them before you’ll be able to get your money.

I wouldn’t start spending time with this website if you aren’t planning on spending several hours working on it.

Depending on how much time you put in, it could take you weeks or even months to get your money.

A Lot Of Time

This is the main problem that I personally have with Daily Rewards. It’s going to take up a lot of your time.

In my opinion it isn’t worth it to only be making maybe a couple extra bucks per hour of work.

There are better places and ways to spend you time online and earn more money.

Is Daily Rewards A Scam?

No, Daily Rewards is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that will pay you the money that you earn. As long as you reach the $30 minimum cash out threshold.


With that being said, the only people I recommend surveys and other websites like this to are people who don’t feel like doing real work.

I say that because if you are willing to put in some real work online, you can make a lot more money with your time.

What I Recommend

Like I said, if you are serious about making money online there are better ways to spend your time.

I know that it’s possible to make more money online because I make my entire living on the internet.

If you get access to the proper training, tools, and support you can be on you way to getting where I am.

You can get started for free with the same training, tools, and support that I use.

If you are interested in learning more, you can


Is Daily Rewards Worth Your Time? What Do You Think? Let Me Know In The Comments Below This Review!

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